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Players Classic 2014 x The Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit = WIN

Carl Taylor and Jamie McToldridge are known for some crazy car builds (BMW Artcars and the Playdat Datsun pickup to name a few) and putting on one of the best shows of the season – Players on an Essex air field in September. If that wasn’t enough, last year the Players boys decided to stick their necks out and launch a new show platform, Players Classic, held at the historic Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit in the UK. In only it’s second year it’s fast becoming the show of the season, the iconic back drop of the Goodwood Motor circuit with a mix of some of the best cars in Europe and some racing…it is a recipe that’s pure WIN.

The metal on show was simply impressive, cars had come from all over Europe to attend Players Classic 2014, the Players crew are mostly about the VAG marque however the mix of cars was varied to say the least, of course I was mostly interested in the vintage and retro rides, more precisely of the Bavarian BMW kind.

minty_e21_side Players classic 2014

There were 3 E21’s that all stopped me in my path, this Minty green 316 on air with cream centered Schmidt TH lines took the crown for me. Last year it was silver but with a lick of fresh paint for 2014 it was so clean, the colour scheme was spot on and the level of detail….kick me in the nuts cool.

Nardi steering wheel on e21 at Players classic 2014

Nardi deep dish steering wheel and short shift drag style gear stick added to the cool.

Players Classic 2014 mintgreen_e21rear 1000px x 667px

I could check this rear end out all day…

Red E21 on Airlift from Goodwood Players Classic 2014

This red 316 was super clean, the BBS RS’s with red centre’s set the car off superbly…the stance was well catered for with a trusty Airlift bagged suspension set up. This thing had so must presence lurking in the Players Classic 2014 Goodwood pit garages, the double head light set up made for an even more double hard bastard stance.

There’s clearly a theme here, bagged E21’s are badass and they look sick, fact. Air is a bit marmite but personally I think it rules, the flexibility it offers from being able to achieve a hard parked aggressive stance for the shows and then juicing the air bags up to get a more UK road friendly drive height…no brainer right?

e21_silver_frontside_players_classic 2014 1000px x 667px

And onto the third but by no means last E21…this Bavarian beauty was clearly exercising it’s mating call, it certainly worked and got my attention!

Again BBS RS’s seem the way to go, running 16’s rather than the arch filling 17’s on the red E21 but with the bronze centres and gold bolts it definitely held it’s own. The colour coded duckbill splitter sharpened up the front end nicely.

E21_Silver_Fornt on players classic 2014 1000px x 667px

Okay so it’s quite obvious that I’m a fan of the E21 and these examples were right up my street,  they offer something slightly different to what is the norm, they’re truly retro and for me have contributed the most toward why BMW is the success it is today, this after all is the beginning of the 3 series, where would BMW be without that?

E28 Front left Players Classic 2014 1000px x 667px

Aah the E28 better known by many as the 5 Series. Riding on BBS RF’s with a racked drag like stance this fine Bavarian beauty was low. The E28 has such a don’t mess with me front end aggression that it lends itself well to a drop and wheel change and this was no exception, it looked ready for battle. I love the boxy 80’s design of these back in the day luxury cruisers, the back quarter has such a cool shape.

e28_side with BBS RF wheels_Players Classic 2014 1000px x 667px

BBS RF’s polished to within an inch of their life with contrasting white centres and gold accessories, cor blimey!

E28_Front_2_Players Classic 2014 1000px x 667px

The famous BMW shark nose just lent itself so well to the racked stance…sheer stance and fitment perfection.

E28_Rear_Players Classic 1000px x 667px

I loved the cocked, off centre exhaust, something pretty distinguishable for BMW of that era with the 2002, E21, E24 and E28 to name a few all wearing the same. Again though the boxy design is so retro it’s cool.

You may have noticed some of my shots show some pretty wet cars, well it is British summer time after all and there was a freak monsoon downpour, the car gods eventually woke up and we had some cracking sunshine after that which caught a few fair skinned brits out at Goodwood.

E30_FrontLeft_Players Classic 2014 1000px 667 px

My bro is a big E30 fan but I’m drawn more towards the older bimmers…there were plenty on show though but this tasty number all the way from Belgium really stood out for me, the original bronze silver paint work was the same colour my Grandad had on his 325i Tourer so I was automatically engaged and yet again those oh so familiar BBS RS’s looked so at home.

milestone71_Players classic 2014 1000px x 667px

It’s not a Players Classic event without some Porsche 964 loving. Milestone 71 brought out some Porsche 964’s to die for…

iphone_996_green Players Classic 2014

Excuse the iPhone shots, the looming monsoon I previously mentioned threatened to end of the life of my DLSR. This Dark Green 964 on Fuch’s remastered by Rotiform looked the nuts…I had some serious car envy, in the end I had to pull myself away for the want of not looking like a crazed super fan.

milestone 71 green 996_iphone Players Classic 2014

That famous Porsche tail just gets better with age.

Mk1_Scirroco_Players Classic 2014 1000px x 544px

I couldn’t ignore the MK1 Scirocco that Wheel Whores had on their display stand, it needs no introduction, just take it in.

hillman_imp_front_players classic 2014 1000px x 667px

Despite my obvious love for BMW’s I wanted to finish my Players Classic 2014 coverage on this Hillman Imp, it was by far the coolest car at the show, I mean look at it. A British classic traditionally driven by anorak wearing older gents, transformed with a set of classic Ronal light weight mesh racing wheels and believe it or not, air ride! Enter a very cool retro ride…

hillman_imp_rear_players classic 2014 1000px x 667px

With Carl and Jay behind Players Classic 2014 it was surely going to be a success, but I think they smashed it. The cars on show were breath taking, the mix and variety was great to see and the appreciation for what was on show puts my faith back in the scene. Plyaers Classic is a must visit on any show calendar, bring on 2015.

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