BMW 2002 – It’s a family thing


BMW 2002 – It’s a Family Thing

On a recent trip to Cornwall in the UK’s South West, wandering round a 6 stall charity car boot sale in the picturesque seaside town of Boscastle I scored the find of all finds…”BMW The book of the Car”, published in the early 80’s the book documents the history of BMW from the 1920’s until 1984, how rad. There’s no hiding from the fact that I am a vintage/retro BMW nut so you can imagine my excitement when I spied the book from a mile off and made a beeline right for it, £2.50 later I was the proud owner of a book I’m yet to put down.

I’ve touched on it before but my crazy nutness for BMWs come from my childhood growing up around the white and blue propeller, both my Dad and Grandad have always owned them and now I do. I find a lot of our influences come from the people around us and more often those close to us have the biggest influences over what we come to love. Cars and the affection for a particular marque is one of them.

Patrick Burns love for the BMW 2002 has been passed down from his Dad, Wendell. In a recent Cars I see film, the love, passion and infectious dedication to what was considered a game changer for BMW is brilliantly captured. You’ll be left with the sound of a throaty BMW 2002 exhaust note ringing in your ears and the want to go on eBay and snap up your very own 02.

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