Magnus Walker Wheels x Fifteen52 = Outlaw Fever


Magnus Walker Wheels x Fifteen52 = Outlaw Fever

Magnus Walker the Porsche customiser also known as the Urban Outlaw has teamed up with wheel maker Fifteen52 on an epic collaboration Magnus Walker wheels and short film of him hooning around Downtown LA in one of his 911 Turbo’s.

Magnus has built himself quite the reputation for building some of the best street racer 911’s and has gained much acclaim and coverage for his builds, now being featured regularly on sites like Speedhunters and Stanceworks. Originally from Sheffield and now residing in the Downtown LA Art District, the fast becoming Porsche icon tells the tale of his Urban Outlaw Magnus Walker wheels development with Fifteen52 and what it’s like to drive around the historic DTLA area (Down town Los Angeles for any not in the know, like me..I had to look it up)

If you didn’t know, Fifteen52 are the brand behind Ken Block‘s famous Turbo Fan wheels and have built their reputation by aligning themselves with figurehead badasses in the automotive industry. Magnus Walker is definitely one of those now.

One man’s hobby and obsession has turned into his job…hold on to the dream, more on Magnus Walker to come…

Magnus Walker Fifteen52 Wheels - Porsche 911 277 Outlaw 001
Magnus Walker Porsche 911 Wheels Outlaw 001 Gold

Images beautifully captured by Stanceworks


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