Magnus Walker’s TED Talk

Magnus Walkers TED Talk

Go With Your Gut Feeling – Magnus Walker’s TED Talk

If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely you have heard of Magnus Walker and his Porsche Passion. Magnus is an inspirational Porsche character and is a true car guy so when he was invited to speak at a recent TED event my ears pricked up and I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say. Magnus Walker’s TED talk is inspirational not only if you are a car guy but if you are ambitious about following your passion and making your dreams a reality.

It is awesome to see a car guy like Magnus getting recognised and invited to talk to an attentive TED audience at UCLA, he followed his passion for Porsche and has rightly earned the position of being one of the most respected vintage Porsche builders and hot rodders out there.

Magnus Walker‘s TED talk and story have been well recorded in the documentary Urban Outlaw but I never get tired of hearing it, Magnus followed his gut and is now living his dream…what I took away from his TED talk is – chase your dream, take those leaps of faith and follow your gut.


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