DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE – Engineered to Slide Hilux Build


DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE – Engineered to Slide Hilux Build

A Toyota Hilux isn’t something that would usually feature on District AutoClub but Nigel Petrie from Engineered to Slide is next level and his build is simply outstanding. Nigel had a dream to build his own car one day and no not just take a car and bolt bits on but literally build a car from scratch, the ground up, a blank sheet of paper…something only the bravest of car builders would ever attempt. And to add more pressure, this isn’t just a show car, something that get’s wheeled in off the back of a truck for shows, this Hilux was destined to go sideways and go sideways very fast my friends.

Nigel and Engineered to Slide epitomise everything good in car culture, this film oozes passion, emotion and that all important dream. Sit back and immerse yourself in one mans final steps to build his ultimate drift weapon from scratch and realise his vision in a documentary showing the dedication Nigel puts into this build, from the initial concept to the trials and tribulations of his first outing


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