Ferrari F40’s are to be raced, right?

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The Ferrari F40 – A racing car right?

The Ferrari F40 to me personally is the king of all super cars bar none, you may disagree with me but you can’t deny how bloody good it was and still is to this day, give me one of those  over a modern super car. With most Ferrari F40’s fetching circa £1mn and posters of said car having adorned a lot of young boys bedroom walls, it is considered a dream car by many and dream cars by nature tend to be rare…so rare in fact you wouldn’t ever consider racing one, would you? John Pogson of Italia Autosport would…

John is a humble guy with a classic car servicing business in Yorkshire doing what can only be described as the work of the supercar gods. XCar Films have put this great film together detailing John’s business and motorsport accomplishments, he talks in detail about how her got his break into the Ferrari racing series.

It’s clear John has a passion for classic Italian sports cars and his shop Italia Autosport specialises in caring for and race prep-ing the very special Ferrari F40 among others. Italia Autosport has become the place for F40 owners to take their cars for servicing, tuning and restoration. It wasn’t long until John was in the right place at the right time and got the chance to race a customers car, impressing on them so much that they agreed to let him loose in their Ferrari F40 for the season. In that season John and his team knocked up numerous wins and went on to become a formidable force in the Ferrari racing series. He is a hero and defenitly made of Yorkshire grit to not think twice about jumping into the F40 and blatting it around the track trading paint with other racers. Surely this man has the ultimate dream job, servicing stunning Italian v12’s by day and racing by night or err weekend.


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