Up close and personal – Silverstone Classic 2014

BMW e9 CSL - BMW Car Club GB - Silverstone Classic 2014

In my previous post I shared some of the out and out race cars that descended on the Silverstone Classic Internatinal paddock. I took so many pictures I thought it only right to share some more – this time from the National Paddock and various display cars on the club stands.

Silverstone Classic - BMW CSL E9

BMW sponsored the Silverstone Classic this year having a large presence including a stonking great big Ferris wheel, although that was cool in it’s own right what lay in the shadows was way cooler – the cream of crop from the BMW Car Club. The E9 CSL is a car I just can’t help drooling over, the lines are so clean yet the front end is one of the aggressive BMW have ever put on a car. This stunning example was the bell of the ball for me out of the heavy weight line up of classic Bavarian metal.

BMW e9  CSL - BMW Car Club GB - Silverstone Classic 2014

I got chatting with the owner, John – a really nice friendly retired engineer in the British military. Among the tales of how the E9 CSL came about in the early 70’s, he told me that he wasn’t to be seen to be picking up a spanner at work in order to maintain rank with his engineers. To sooth his engineering itch he restored this beautiful E9 back to it’s full glory in the evenings and at weekends, keeping it from his colleagues. You can never keep a car guy and an engineer away from his tools for too long. Hopefully more on this car in the near future…

Blue E9 CSL - Silverstone Classic

Another mint CSL E9 finished in Baikal Blue Metallic basked in the glorious sunshine. The body work was so straight and true on this example it looked like it could have rolled off the assembly line that day. It’s clear that the BMW car club guys put some serious work into their cars.

BMW Alpina Engine - Silverstone Classic

There was a pretty wild BMW 2002 Tii wearing some big over fenders and smoothed to within an inch of it’s life, despite me not getting any pics of the actual car this thing had a pretty special party piece though, an Alpina E10. An engine which to the un trained eye just looks like another engine but to anyone that knows would stop you in your tracks and prompt a “what the f…. that’s rare and cool”…which is exactly what I did.

Bright yellow E9 BMW - Silverstone Classic

The E9 isn’t to everyones taste in Golf Yellow but it looked the buts against the bright blue sky over Silverstone.

BMW 7 Series - Silverstone Classic 2014

This early 7 series had a deep south America style vibe to it which I really dig’d. I could picture this cruising the streets of Nola with it’s white wall tyres, chrome arches and vinyl details.

E21 BMW 3 Series - Silverstone Classic

I’m a sucker for a clean E21, they have become a popular platform for modifying with some sweet examples doing the rounds on the scene, it’s rare to see one in such original form.

Alfa Romeo GTV - Silverstone Classic

Away from the BMW Car Club stand and into the National Paddock – Off to the side in a little corner was this oh so clean and painfully beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV. The Bertone designer Giorgetto Giugiaro penned such a stunning and timeless design with this series of sports coupe, bello.

Alfa Romeo Front - GTV Silverstone Classic

The Alfa 1750 GTV was introduced in 1968. Designed to be the most sporting in the Alfa range, the Gran Turismo Veloce – Veloce meaning Fast in Italian, did not disappoint. A peppy 4 cylinder light weight alloy block engine produced over 120 horsepower. Coupled with improved braking and suspension compared to earlier ‘fast’ Alfa models meant the Gran Turismo Veloce formed a great tuning base for motorsport.

Alfa Romeo GTV - Silverstone Classic

Competing at the famous Targa Florio in 1923, Alfa Romeo driver Ugo Sivocci added a four-leafed clover symbol, known as Quadrifoglio Verde in Italian, for luck on the deep red bodywork of his Alfa Romeo RL. Ever since, the Cloverleaf has symbolised the sporting heart of Alfa Romeo, recognised and celebrated by Alfisti throughout the world.

Afla GTV 1750 Interior - Silverstone Classic

The sculpted design of the dash and instrument clusters that channels the drivers eye are still used to this day in a lot of modern Alfa’s. I particularly liked the after market fan, and to me sums up the discerning Alfa driver – sacrificing functionality over style and performance.

Alfa GTV 1750 Rear End - Silverstone Classic

Despite the connotations around Alfa Romeo..the oil leaks and relaiability issues, it’s said you’re not a true car guy until you’ve owned an Alfa. This is definitely on the bucket list and hopefully another car that will grace these very pages in the near future.

Escort Mk1 - Silverstone Classic

These two Ford Escort MK1’s couldn’t be any different if they tried, apart from the lairy canary yellow paint work of course. It was a stunning before and after example of how much work and design goes into building a race car.

Porsche 356 Outlaw race car - Silverstone Classic

As previously mentioned the Silverstone Classic allowed you to get up close and personal with the cars and after sweet talking a Marshall the racing and pitstops too…it was very nostalgic looking on from the pit garage as this Porsche 356 screeched to a stop before it’s driver jumped out, did a lap of the car before jumping back in and peeling out again. I think I even turned round and gave my girlfriend a hi-five…super cool.

Pitlane action - Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic is an event that any car guy,old or young, big or small must visit. It’s on par with the Goodwood Festival of Speed allowing you to get your mechanical fix whilst watching some of the very best frantic Motorsport from the packed frantic grids.

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