Silverstone Classic – Porsche a True Romance

Silverstone Classic - Porsche 356

Classic Porsche – True Romance

As the morning mist lifted the crisp air filled with rawtie exhaust notes, over-fuel backfire pops and the unmistakable noise of air-cooled engines  downshifting at speed through the Maggots-Becketts and Chapel complex.  A mind boggling sensory overload that hit you as soon as stepping through the turn-styles of the Silverstone Classic.

The Silverstone paddock was full to the brim with classic race machines and car enthusiasts, re-capturing the sounds and smells from the bygone era of motor racing. Bearing witness to the near forgotten legends of the track, spectators mixed with mechanics adjusting and perfecting the set up on their vintage machines, whilst drivers donned their race suits preparing to do battle, all in a hedonistic petrol fuelled mix.

Porsche 356 - Silver Classic

Making our way to to the National paddock, glancing through a garage onto the pit straight a Porsche 356 screeched to a halt, the  driver frantically got out, did a lap of the car and clambered back into his race machine before screeching off  to the high fives of his mechanics. Onlookers reveled in what they were witnessing…one of Stuttgart’s finest creations being driven and driven hard.

Red Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic

Once the racing had finished 3 Porsche 356 race bred Outlaws, 1 red and black from the UK and 2 cream liveried up German owned cars rolled into the Pit Garages for a well earned rest, the warm smell of mechanicals, brakes and tyres still fresh as fans swarmed to get up close.

Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic

Silverstone classic - Porsche 356

No getting lost here, spot the map next to the steering wheel…Silverstone is one of the fastest tracks on any motorsport calendar and whilst these Porsche 356’s wouldn’t be getting anywhere near the speeds of some of the other machines on show, you can bet they were having fun doing getting close.

Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic 2

Porsche 356 - SIlverstone Classic German

It’s always recommended that a good breakfast is the best way to start the day…

Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic

Silverstone CLassic - Porsche 356

Porsche 356 Silverstone

There was a certain sense of romance about watching 3 Porsche 356 outlaw blast around the circuit at the Silverstone Classic, seeing these rare machines in an environment not many are used to – on the race track – was truly a special moment.

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