Jaguar Lightweight E-Type – The missing six

Jaguar Lightweight E-type

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type – The missing six

Jaguar Special Operations have just announced the development of remaining “missing six” Jaguar Lightweight E-Type’s that started to be developed in 1963. Specifically designed for racing, only 12 of the all aluminium bodied Lightweight E-Type were ever made out of the original target of 18. The remaining six designated chassis numbers were lain dormant, until now. The six new cars will carry those original, historic Jaguar Lightweight E-Type chassis numbers.

The  Jaguar Lightweight E-Type will be handcrafted at the original home of the E-Type, Jaguar’s Browns Lane plant in Coventry, England.
In recreating the Lightweight, Jaguar has drawn on its unique engineering and design resources, including the company’s world-leading aluminum body technology. The specification includes an aluminum bodyshell with doors, boot lid, hardtop and bonnet also in aluminum, and is assembled to the same standards as those of the original Lightweight E-Types.
A prototype Lightweight, dubbed “Car Zero,” has been completed and, on August 14, will be revealed at the opening reception to the Pebble Beach Automotive weekend – the world’s most prestigious classic car event.







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