Wilton Classic and Supercars

Wilton Classic and Supercars

Wilton Classic and Supercars is an event that is set in the back garden of one of the UK’s old world stately homes, when I say old world I mean, old money, when extreme extravagance and opulence were your defining factor in social society. Quite fitting really for the cars on display at Wilton Classic and Supercars.Ferrari 250 GTO - Wilton Classic and SuperCarsWhere better to start than Ferrari, the OG of extravagance and beauty. Ferrari’s are always the star of the show at any event and especially classic Ferrari’s. The line up at Wilton Classic and Supercars was vast from 250 GTO’s to F40’s and 250 California’s to Daytona’s and definitely did not disappoint

Where ever it goes the 250 GTO is a show stopper and there has been a lot of hype around these cars recently, one went on the block at Monterey Car Week fetching an eye watering bid of $38million.

Ferrari Daytona - Wilton Classic and Super CarsFerrari-Daytona-Wilton-Hall Classic and SupercarsSome what of an unsung hero among the other Ferrari’s and cast to one side on the lawns away from the main humdrum of onlookers. The Ferrari Daytona is the king of GT cruisers and basking the sunhine in between showers allowed me to shoot it uninterrupted and really appreciate the stunning shape and engineering of this late 70’s beast.

Ferrari F40 Wilton Hall Classic and Supercars
Ferrari F40 And GTO - Wilton Classic and Supercars
From the 250 GTO to the Ferrari F40, Wilton Classic and Supercars delivered the Ferrari goodness. I love these things, the boxy late 80’s wedge design, an ass as wide as Kim Kardashian’s and those scuplted air flow ducts…everything about this car is kick you in the nuts cool.
Amilcar_01-Wilton Classic and SupercarsAmilcar 02 Wilton Classic and Supercars I was totally drawn in by this Amilcar, a French maker from the 1920’s. This is an example of nuts and bolts functional engineering presented beautifully. A spotless example really captured the open wheel period, I just wanted to jump on in, grab my goggles and leather cap and go for a blast.

BMW 507 - Wilton Classic and Supercars I’ve never seen the BMW 507 in the flesh, it’s so far removed from modern BMW’s or even the Neue Klasse, that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s of Italian decent.
Porsche 911 Rally 03 Wilton Classic and Supercars I think patina and battle scars give a car it’s character, it’s soul and tells a story, which I why I was all over this Porsche 911 2.7 RS. It was obvious that it had seen a few adventures but when I was snapping away a well to do couple walked up to the car and simply said “the interior isn’t much better than the outside, that’s a state” – technically yes Mr and Mrs well to do you were right but the point was well and truly missed…
Porsche 911 Rally 2.7 01 Wilton Classic and Supercars Porsche 911 Rally 2.7 Wilton Classic and Supercars This was a car I’m sure of many tales and that is the point, it was occupying the lawn to conceive intrigue to anyone that took an interest, where had this car been, who had driven it, what had it seen…all of these things I would love to know. Looking past the beaten up exterior and simply appreciating this 911 RS for what it is, an out and out automotive legend.

Porsche 956 LeMans Wilton Classic and Supercars The famous Porsche 956 Le Mans icon looked just at home on the Wilton Classic and Supercars lawn as it does shredding down the Mulsanne Straight at full chat.

Porsche 956 LeMans 02 Wilton Classic and Supercars BBS Turbo fans and tonnes of aero give the old Le Man slayer such an aggressive look. Feared by other racers on the track and by those who graced it’s steering wheel for being an unforgiving brute, it still has an air of beauty to it despite its reputation. Fiat 500 Abarth - Wilton Classic and Supercars Aston Martin DB4 Wilton Hall ClassicsBugatti flat 8 Wilton Hall ClassicsBugatti 11B Wilton Hall Classics Despite the format having already been done on paper, Wilton Classic and Supercars just feels different. A Spectacular setting and spectacular cars.

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