RAUH Welt Begriff Porsche – Akira Nakai

RAUH Welt Begriff – Automotive Art

Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) or loosely translated to Rough World is the brain child of Akira Nakai of Japan, a renowned Porsche tuning artist. The Porsche 911 being his canvas, Nakai-San combines inspiration from Euro and Japanese car culture styles which come together to create some of the most insane and in your face Porsche’s on the Japanese and U.S roads.


Huge riveted overfenders, wider rubber than an F1 car and aggressive street racer inspired stance are the name of the game with Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB), not to everyone’s taste but opinion and trends aren’t what drives Nakai-San, it’s about grabbing attention with his builds.

He is a true automotive artist, creating work that inspires him and his customers. Building only one car per customer, a customer gets a car built on RWB and Nakai’s terms, often not even choosing the colour. The process is very much organic and creative rather than prescribed.


Rauh Welt Begriff are not for the faint hearted, you have to be fairly confident with your social status and ranking in society to pull one off, they turn heads everywhere they go. As a result RWB built Porsche’s are in hot demand with orders from Thailand to Canada. Having started in a small Japanese town as a body shop the modern age of social media has catapulted Nakai-San and RWB into the car culture hall of fame.


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