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Growing up in Britain I’m ashamed I don’t have as much of an affinity to British cars as I should. The association of bearded men in anoraks, meeting for tea and digestives on a miserable day in the midlands somewhere wasn’t something a young guy growing up in England could relate to, and quite frankly the whole classic scene was lacking “the cool”. Drinking tea, having a beard and owning an anorak are considered cool now, right? So owning a classic or more aptly put “vintage” car couldn’t be any cooler?

Josh Clasen and Hypebeast have knocked out some seriously good automotive films that capture the passion and unwavering love us car guys have for our four wheeled money pots. Roger Gisseman is certainly one of those, his collection of past British classics make me want to immediately get on eBay and track down an MG B GT or classic Austin. Like most car guys, his following of British cars comes from is youth when MGs and Austin’s in the U.S were considered kids cars, the Subaru’s and Honda’s of today, to own an affordable unique car in the states meant you bought a British car.

When you look at the British motor industry and the cars of the bygone era it’s sad to see the demise of some of the most iconic marques, despite this though I think we’re going to see a resurgence of “hipster” owners, a young gentrification of classic British motors, and why not, they make an badass noise, they’re still affordable and are part of our heritage after all. Jump on the bandwagon before you miss it.

Anyway, find a quiet corner, stick your ear phones in, turn it up loud and enjoy.


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