Alfa Junior 1300 – The one that stayed


Erwin Arenston’s an Alfaphile, and there’s no denying the passion he has the for little peppermint blue Alfa Junior 1300. Growing up being surrounded by his Father’s love for Classic British cars it was almost a done deal that Erwin would follow suite, you can imagine what the reaction was when he brought home his first Alfa Junior 1300.

CineCar’s have put this great subtitled short film detailing Erwin’s ownership of the car and above all, love for Alfa Romeo’s. Erwins Alfa Junior 1300 GTA replica has been immaculately restored to look like the chart topping GTA Bertone, distinguished by the letter box style recess. The letterbox nickname for these cars was given for that very gap between the bonnet and and front end clip.

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