It’s purely about being cool – Toyota Celica TA27 GTV


“This car is not about racing, this car is not about power, performance…it’s purely about being cool”

Having personally seen this at Japfest this year I can vouch for how damn cool this car is. I was walking round with a strained neck for the rest of the day after having spent so much time starring at this thing in sheer amazement and thinking to myself “that’s actually a classic Celica GTV in the UK”. Although Japfest is a Japanese car show (the clue is in the name) I didn’t expect to see this at all, I expected modern JDM cars not classics, what a surprise it was to see it…I thought I was going to have a moment.

The car was built as a show car for Japanese Performance Parts in Crawley, England and is a rare sight on our shores. So rare in fact many of the people that stopped to look at it didn’t know what the hell it was. It was also amazing just to see how many people walked straight past this stunning example of a cult classic in favour of drooling over an R35 GT-R or an Evo, respect your elders UK, respect your elders.


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