Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story


Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story

When you think touring cars your mind automatically jumps to BMW , or mine does anyway. BMW have a rich heritage in Motorsport, especially throughout the 70’s 80’s and 90s where Touring cars were big business and naturally fitted well with the Bavarian power house’s business. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday couldn’t have been more true for that era of Motorsport, with big budgets thrown at teams to get the brand trains careering through to their customers wallets. Adrenalin The BMW Touring Car Story is a film that takes an in depth look at BMW’s involvement and what it meant/means to be a touring car driver for Bavarian Motor Werks.

Rubbing and hustling for position is what makes this type of racing exhilarating…watching the drivers push themselves and their cars to the ultimate limit and fraying the relationships they have with each other in between is all part of the draw. The driving is a lot more aggressive than most forms of Motorsport and that’s what keeps the hoards of spectators and fans obsessed with the sport. That obsession and passion transpires down through to the drivers who live for the close quarter racing and no shits given attitude when their 3 a breast into a tight corner and they no one of them is coming off worse.

Just from the trailer for Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story, the grittyness that Touring Cars offers is apparent, from the classic footage to the modern day it’s captured the essence of wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper racing. I for one am excited to see this film.

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