Classic Car Show 2014

Classic Car Show_Chesil_Porsche Speedster

The Classic Car Show 2014 was one of those events that has always been marked in the diary but I’ve never got up to see. Held at the NEC in Birmingham and with Wheeler Dealers – Mike Brewer and Ed China being ambassadors – recent years has seen the Classic Car show ramp up it’s publicity and marketing efforts.

Classic Car Show 2014 – Wall to wall classics

Classic Car Show2014 - Ford Zodiac

The Classic Car Show didn’t disappoint and boasted a hugely diverse range of classic and vintage cars unlike anything I’ve seen before. From club stands to vehicle restorers and retailers to Europe’s largest Autojumble, pretty much every marque was catered for – above all the atmosphere felt open minded…from rat’d out VW Bugs to pristine concours show winners. It seemed the sheer appreciation for craftsmanship and period preservation went hand in hand. Okay you’re still going to get the odd Ford guys turning their noses up at the VW guys but there didn’t seem to be an underlying current of “scene clique-ness”.

Porsche911_Classic Car Show

Porsche owners club 911_Classic Car Show

Porsche 911S_Classic Car Show 2014

Classic Car Show 911 S_Rear

Meguiars typically showcased some absolute stunning machines and again showed that classics could mix with “hot rodded” cars under one roof.

Beetle Hot Rod_Classic Car show

Case in point. This heavily custom hot-rodded beetle sat seamlessly among a mint Porsche 993, Ford Cortina and Buick Business Coupe to name a few.

BeetleHotRod_Classic Car Show_Rear

Hotrod beetle details_Classic Car Show

Beetle hot rod_American Racing Wheel

The mix of British classics was strong with a the Mini contingency pulling out a lot of stops and some pristine Vauxhalls. I’m not a huge Brit classic fan but there was no denying the meticulous detail and passion that had gone into them.

Vauxhall_Classic_Carshow 2014

Classic Car Show Mini_Grey

Classic Car Show 2014_Mini Downton

Classic Car Show 2014_Unknown

A few other classic machines that caught my eye…This Alfa was rough around the edges but I loved the honesty – it stood out in a see of pristine polished and finished show winners.

Alfa GTV Rally Car_Classic Car Show 2014

Alfa Engine_Classic Car Show 2014

Wide body kits are always good and particularly welcome in the Porsche 924…like it’s graphics it wore it’s race look like a Boss.

Classic Car Show 2014_Widebody 924

Classic Car Show_Widebody_924_Side

Perhaps my favourite shot of the show..the interior of the Mach 2 Mustang. As any photographer will know, the NEC lighting is poor at best and the yellow light is a very difficult opponent to picture perfection – having said that this shot could be at home during a shoot in the magic hour.

Classic Car Show_FORD Mustang Interior

As indoor shows go the Classic Car Show 2014 lived up to the hype, although the atmosphere has a long way to go to rival the Goodwood Revival or Silverstone Classic for obvious reasons. There is still a lot to absorb during a rainy November day in Birmingham and I was able to marvel at the high standard and eclectic mix for long enough to warrant a return next year.

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