Motorhead Hill Climb

Moorhead Hill Climb

At District AutoClub we’re all about Vintage and Classic machinery but when a down right badass video pops up on the old interweb consisting of a closed public road, some very fast automotive weaponary and crazy Japanese race pilots – that simply can’t be ignored.

The Motorhead Hill Climb is a test of skill, will and most certainly nerves as purpose built track, rally and drift cars and their drivers push the realms of what is humanly possible on a closed road course. The Hakone Turnpike is a ribbon of tarmac weaving it’s way through the mountains above…

Moorhead Hill Climb

Motorhead Hill Climb620x433.jpg

7.5km of tree lined cambered corners, bridge sections and tight bends stand in the way of the drivers and the finish line…a growing test for any machinery.

Turn it up and marvel at the balls these crazy guys have but also the respect they hold for the Motorhead Hill Climb.

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