The Black Sheep – Porsche 912

Porsche_912_The Black Sheep

The Porsche 912 get’s a lot of love on these pages and when Petrolicious popped up with this gem of a piece everything was dropped, earphones were plumbed into ears, volume turned up and lights turned down, the Petrolicious films are ones you really need to get into and absorb everything the edits ooze.

The Black Sheep – Porsche 912

The Porsche 912 has always been considered to be the lesser of the two when comparing the German manufacturers flagship – the 911, but with a lighter 4 cylinder engine it’s widely considered that early 912’s handled better than 911’s and because of the weight shedding and the peppy Air-cooled engine were actually pretty fun to drive too.

Julien Borne who resides in France dispels the black sheep misconceptions and fights the case of the Porsche 912 which we firmly sad behind. Watch this and tell us you won’t be hankering after a 912, cause you will…

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