R Gruppe – The bunch of misfits

R_Gruppe_Bunch of Misfits

R Gruppe to some is the cliquey bunch of girls in the school playground that you either tried so hard to get in with or completely avoided. They are considered the misfit outcasts and not considered “purist car guys” because of their “hot rod” and “rough and ready” approach to building their Porsche’s. But above all the stigmatisms and perceptions there is no denying they are Porsche geeks and car guys simply going out and enjoying their cars and showing love and passion for the brand.

You can’t take that away from anyone, no matter what your flavour – cars are our bond and whether you hot rod them or bring them back to concours condition ultimately the shiny or not so shiny piece of metal is the reason why we do what we do…

This look into their sometimes secretive club is an insight into what makes these guys tick.

Love them or hate them the R Gruppe produce some limit pushing creative machinery that no-one can deny lacks passion or love.

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