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Mercedes Benz Motoring – Self Preservation

Cool Hunting are at it again this time with a neat little short on a Mercedes Benz preservation purist. As a corporate drop out determined to get away from punching keyboards all his days from behind a desk – J.G Francis followed his love for cars and started Mercedes Benz Motoring.

Preservation is the name of the game not stripping cars back to bare metal – ensuring these pointed arrow luxury wagons hold onto their history, their character and charm. Mercedes Benz were the weapon of choice for Presidents, Dignitaries, Gangsters and Kings of industry…imagine what the stories these cars could tell and the tales lost…

Mercedes Benz Motoring scour the States looking for vintage Mercs to bring back to their glory days…as true purists the team focus on maintaining the engineering and design by using original parts true to the era they are from.

Jumping in head first and following your dream is the message here…(I’ll get round to it one day)

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