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Derelict Cars is an off shoot of the more well known Icon 4×4 in Sunny California. Icon are known for taking classic FJ Toyota Land Cruisers and underpinning them with modern chassis and running gear while maintaining that timeless aesthetic. Jonathan Ward the brain child behind Icon has taken the same thinking and applied it to beat up old Yank classics.

Derelict Cars – Mixing the old and the new

The aesthetics and natural patina make up nine tenths of the character of the car but under that beaten and worn skin lies modern engineering and running gear allowing these classic “beaters” to compete in the L.A traffic with the Prius’ without the woes of classic or vintage car ownership.

Alright some of the mechanical character is lost but there is no doubt these daily drivers offer a badass reliable alternative to the soulless German, French or Japanese motorway bashers.

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