Singer 911 – The Porsche 911 Re-imagined


There are somethings in life that hit you slap bang in the face, whether that be a provocative news story, a well written book, a song or as in Singer’s case – another persons passion for their craft. Singer for those of you that don’t know have “re-imagined” the iconic and much loved within these pages Porsche 911.

Porsche Perfection – Singer 911 re-imagined

Born by Brit Rob Dickinson and fine tuned in the car capital of the custom automobile world – Southern California, Singer was created from Rob’s love of the iconic 911 which he first fell in love with at the age of 5 when on holiday in the South of France. It’s something most of us cars guys car relate to often we swear allegiance to a marque early on in our “car guy careers”.


Based in the hot bed of automotive customisation and in an area where “outlaw” and hot-rodded 911’s are more popular than anywhere thanks to the So-Cal Porsche club – R Gruppe. Singer are perfectly placed to leverage the crafts of many a talented local shop.

Singer start with the Porsche 964 as a base model, really you’re thinking…their creations look straight out of 1970. That’s the point, Singer take the more refined Porsche 964 which is still incepting with the iconic lines of the early 911’s and re-engineer it from the ground up. The body work is swapped out for lighter carbon fibre bits, whilst the suspension and running gear receive a tune up. The big 90’s bumpers are chopped out for the simpler early model examples – all in all a re-incarnation of legend is born.


The interiors receive an impressive overhaul too, no corners are cut with lashings of alcantara and leather, fine dash panel details and instruments that will make even the most decorated musician jealous. You can begin to see why these cars can command a price tag up around the eye watering £200k plus mark.




Singer 911’s have come under some mixed reviews from purists, these bastardised “imitations” of 70’s cars have been seen to be extravagant play things losing the essence of a true 911. For us at District AutoClub we admire the passion, craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into every Singer 911. We are car guys and extravagant or not there is no doubting the 911 and the hot-rod world are much better off for having Singer in it.

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