VW Brasilia – A Beetle with Brazilian flair


Carnival, The Coca Cobana and stylish Football are all things associated with the exotic intoxicating in your face flair of Brazil…For us Brits however the South American Nation’s car industry is anything but flair and isn’t something that we fully appreciate or understand, but, it is more far reaching than we think or even care to believe.

A Beetle with Flair – The VW Brasilia

Up until recently the VW Kombi or Bus as we know it was still being produced, the VW Beetle is a very common sight on the streets and a whole heap of manufacturers made models specifically for the Brazilian and South American automotive market. For the modified guys it’s a holy grail for untapped variants that never made it to the European or U.S shores. Not to mention both the classic car and extremely brand loyal modified scenes.


The VW Brasilia – The unknown Volkswagen

The VW Brasilia is one of “those that got away” models which never made it to our UK shores.

At a time when cars were being made more accessible, where industry was fuelling infrastructure and the need for mobility, Brazilian’s were crying out for a reasonably priced family car to cart around their 4.2 children.

Developed from the VW Beetle platform, in 1970 the designers from Volkswagen of Brazil were set the challenge to take the Bug platform and give it a family appeal while injecting some of that famous Brazilian flair. The front end could be mistaken for a VW Type 4 Variant lending heavily from the design cues of the second iterration of the Type 4 wagon, albeit a squashed one. The Beetle running gear and chassis were used meaning servicing and parts were readily available and cheap as well as keep overall productions costs low…the clever financial boffins saw to that.

Believe it or not VW Brazil sold over 1 million VW Brasilia’s ensuring they were nearly as popular as the VW Combi and Beetle in Southern America, the mix of styling and practicality was a hit.

Drop to the floor – The modified scene


Now you know we like our cars a little on the other side of run of the mill and because of the rarity of these little shoe box VW’s it’s not often you see one fettled with, especially in the UK. However a few people seem to have got their hands on them in the VW world and done some special things to them. The boxy styling is actually quite charming and they suite the normal cues from the air-cooled scene, a healthy drop and fuch’s are a tried and trusted combination on many a German marque and these are no exception.


We’d love to see more of these little gems on our shores..

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