Field Invasion – Rushden Calvacade


In a spur of the moment trip to see the outlaws I ended up trudging around a field between Bedford and Rushden in Northampton like a Meerkat surrounding by a mix of ex service vehicles and classic machines. Rushden Calvacade is a celebration of all things vintage machinery from steam engines and tractors to ex-army land rovers and classic british cars.



This charming show was a real surprise, among the military vehicles I caught a glimpse of an immaculate row of early Land Rover defenders. There is something quite special about the country conquering machines from the Midlands and to see this many in one place was a feast.



In a sea of military green paint and camo this slammed Chevy Bel Air stuck out like a sore thumb, in typical American fashion it was loud and most definitely proud. This worm burner looked like it had grown right up out of the field, almost certainly on air and far from stock this was the highlight of the show for me…theres no beating a hot-rodded 2 door Chevy Bel Air.



Despite bing a wet and wild start to the day this little gem was a definite day brightener…



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