The Bike Shed London 2015

The Bikeshed London 2015

The Bike Shed London 2015 had been on my radar for a while since seeing the coverage from the 2014 instalment of the event dedicated to custom motorcycles and culture. I can’t confess to a be a rider but I can appreciate craftmanship and machinery like the next man and there was wall to wall engineering perfection.

Bikes, Beards and Tattoos – The Bike Shed London 2015

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_2

The Tobacco Dock in the nitty gritty East End of London played host to the Bike Shed London 2015 and provided the perfect venue for the eclectic mix of people and machinery – everything from Cafe Racers to Harley Sporters graced the atriums and walkways, it had a feel unlike any show I’d been to.

The Bike Shed 2015_Tabacco Dock

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The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_7

This Honda had to be one of my favourite bikes of the show, the tan leather through to the immaculate paintwork and yellow light – the fact my old man has a Honda CB550 from the 70’s sat in his garage begging for restoration influenced me a little bit…one day I might convince him to embark on a Father, Son restoration.

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The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_10

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_9

Another stunner was this grey and white number – Pure bike porn..

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_13

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_17

Bavarian beauties were everywhere, and then there were the bikes. Personally I love the girthy nature of an early BMW with their boxer engines and stubby tanks…they have a menace and prowess about them.

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Aside from all of the bikes, the culture bit was ticked off in style – Thy Barber were present to sharpen up your locks and beard and if you were feeling brave and not afraid of public displays there was ink being laid down…

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_31

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_25

Back to the bikes…the level of detail was insane. This is for me where bike builders excel, the inner workings, engineering and heart of the bike are on show for all to see, it’s easy to slap on a lick of paint and a fresh set of wheels on a car and forget about the mechanicals but the engine in a lot of cases is the bike.

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_23

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The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_28

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The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_21

Warrs Harley Davidson of Chelsea had some seriously beautiful customised bikes. Harley’s have that big lazy american bike connotation from the little knowledge I have picked up in the UK bike scene but these guys seem to be chucking out some serious contenders to the British and European classics.

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_26

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_27

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_20

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_19

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_18

In the main I’m a car guy but it was refreshing going to a show with no pre-conceived conceptions as to what is “scene” or not, everyone seemed to be there for the love of the motorbike – sticker bombed scooters were getting as much love as the Harley’s and Cafe Racers. Alright I’m probably on the periphery of the “scene” but man it was good for the spectator.

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_14

The Bike Shed 2015_Shot_29

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