Brooklands American Day

Burbling V8’s attached to American iron descended on the picturesque hills of Surrey destined for the historic Brooklands Museum last Sunday. Once the home of the world famous Brooklands banked track, the Museum opened it’s gates for the Brooklands American Day and an eclectic mix of American Muscle from immaculate 40’s cruisers to aired out rat look pick ups – every taste was catered for.

A friend who obviously is well aware of my car obsession sent me a link to the event page and mentioned this was happening the Friday before – plans were shifted and a hit and hope trip was organised. Not really being aware of the Brooklands calendar I didn’t know what to expect, in all honesty it’s not widely advertised but definitely worth a look if the American Day is anything to go by. With a Jimmy’s Iced Coffee in hand (shameless plug for favourite beverage at the moment) to give me energy for what was guaranteed to be a trigger happy and a “I want me one of those” kinda days we made haste down to Brooklands American Day.


Brooklands_AmericaDay_RS Camaro

Greeting us straight out of the blocks were a fleet of spotlessly clean Muscle Cars – this Camaro was beyond flawless and commanding serious presence in the line-up the deep blue paint was set off by the iconic racing stripe across the front of the bonnet or should I say – hood.


Brooklands_AmericaDay_Bonneville copy

Next to the Camaro was this Plymouth Bonneville which was the size of a small Country – despite it’s not so aggressive prowess compared to it’ neighbour I absolutely loved this thing. It was dripping in chrome and character, it harks back to the late 60’s early 70’s encompassing everything from that era…you can only imagine what a sight the roads in the U.S were back then…where has all the character gone? Mass production and economies of scale has seen to that.



You can’t beat a well sorted T-Bird, this was one of my favourites of the show…


Harley_Brooklands_American Day

Aside from the cars there was a strong line up of bikes, namely Harley’s. They weren’t getting as much attention as the 4 wheel iron but this certainly deserved a closer look.




Well the 32′ Ford HotRod is iconic and a rare sight in the UK, from the pin striping to the engine and interior detail this would proudly represent the UK at any Hot Rod show over the pond. I spent a long time snapping around this balls out machine, every time I went to move onto the next car something else would grab my attention, the Rat Fink head and Moon Eyes pressure gauge were my favourite Nods to Kustom Kulture.



The Plymouth Special DeLuxe was simply stunning…the hotrods and muscle cars were cool don’t get me wrong but this was next level – the restoration was immaculate, the level of detail from the rope wound steering wheel to perfectly trimmed leather seats was so well thought out – this was the under dog less flashy winner of the show for me. In my head I picture these being driven by the Gangsters in the 40’s and 50’s, hanging out the back taking pops at the Police chasing them.




A gold, red and black Falcon – what’s not to love. Showing signs of real track use the battle scars dotted around the body work suggested this beast gets driven how it should. The colour combo was badass and set off super nicely against the black rims and silver bumpers. The owner had done a great job resurrecting this.









It’s fair to say when this thing rolled up later on in the day, parked up and aired out it got some serious attention. The typical “how does it get over speed bumps” and “it can’t be driven like that surely” rang out around the people gathered starring confusingly.

Brooklands American Day was in all honesty a total surprise, I had expected to see some American iron but the sheer variety and quality on show was mind boggling. I’m only really starting to appreciate American machinery and under appreciated just how vibrant the scene is over here. Take a bow Brooklands, this is a gathering not to be missed.

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