The Go Anywhere Porsche 356

Car ownership and being an enthusiast is about enjoying your machine however you see fit whether or not that is worshipping your show car trailer queen, building your dream ride in your garage or abusing your track munching race car. However, those opinions are not always shared throughout the car loving world, so when Petrolicious dropped their latest video edit the timers were set for the barrage of keyboard warriors to launch their opionions and wall of abuse.

The aptly titled “Against the Grain” film documents a plucky barn find Porsche 356 and it’s owner Mark Hummel, to some, doing the unthinkable and taking this historic classic where ever the hell he wants. Many would look at a Porsche 356 as a valuable appreciating classic, perhaps restore it back to original and sell it someone who will stick it in their collection and lock it away amongst the other classics they own…not Mark. His attitude and outlook on cars is exactly what makes car guys well, car guys. Forget the haters and the purists, don’t be swayed by opinion and most importantly “go against the grain”.

More info can be found over on the Petrolicious site.

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