Friends in High Places

Friends in high places

Sometimes it’s fair to say that dropping the day job and jumping on a plane has crossed my mind a number of times in full time corporate employment. A slave to shareholders and beholden to a keyboard and desk often makes you contemplate “what if”…it’s often that these “what if’s” are beaten back by our sensible brain telling us “you wouldn’t be able to afford the rent” and other such life burdens that society impose upon us. But what if you did just jack it all in for a life of surfing, road tripping and adventure…

Here is the story of Foster Huntington who after a year of travelling the U.S in his VW van decided a life in the tree’s was where he wanted to be. Friends in high places is his journey. Funding his projects consulting and self publishing books, Foster is a man charting his own course. What are you doing that defies society, watch this and be inspired?

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