Motorhead Hakone Hill Climb II

The Japanese and their culture are known around the world for being way out there and pushing boundaries unlike us conservative Brits. The Motorhead Hill Climb II may sound like a nice gentrified Sunday poodle to anyone else but chuck some classic F1 and high power drift cars into the mix and you’ve got a Hill climb Japan style with added Saki.

The Hakone toll road is known in Japan for it’s scenery, demanding varied terrain and danger, it’s a favourite for road testers and mags looking to challenge cars and get dramatic shots for features. The privately owned Mountain pass and Motorhead Magazine played host to the second iteration of the succesful Hakone HillClimb which took place last year. Dubbed the Japanese Nurburgring drivers are tested on the race track like ribbon of tarmac that threads through the trees and into the Mountains – chuck fear out of the window there is no place for it here.

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