ProjectDETOUR – California

ProjectDETOUR California is one of a 3 part adventure series taking in the French Alps, Greece and California with a mix of road tripping and sideways boarding on a variety of terrain thrown in for your viewing pleasure.

David Bertschinger Karg describes his latest creation: “projectDETOUR is a short film series about three trips to three destinations. We’ve been hiking waist deep powder in the Alps, we high fived sheep farmers in Greece and rode our motorbikes through the state of California. California baby… What do you want more?!”

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The Drive – Custom Cars and Their Builders

As soon as renowned publisher Gestalten announced their latest release: “The Drive – Custom Cars and Their Builders we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy. Featuring the creme de la creme of custom cars and builders, The Drive celebrates automotive custom culture and aims to break down the barriers between “scene” silos that unfortunately segregate our beloved enthusiast world.

From hot rods and classic customs to race cars and low riders, The Drive brings every style imaginable into one coffee table book to end all coffee table books.

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Daniel Ricciardo Experiences LA Car Culture – Donut Media

Ever wondered what an F1 driver get’s up to on their summer break? Well Daniel Ricciardo heads to L.A with a bunch of his mates, hooks up with Donut Media and cruises Southern California’s streets sampling what the mecca of car culture has to offer.

Taking in the whole city – Dan and his mates cross LA from East to West, starting off in DTLA where they go big pimping in some rad low riders, drool over Bruce Meyer’s incredible car collection and finish off blasting the canyon roads in some ass twitching super cars.

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Petrolicious’ Latest Video – This Porsche 912 is Fully Committed

John Benton is definitely a Porsche guy with an unmatched passion for the Porsche 912. Supporting the underdog and the often overlooked little brother of the 911 – Benton Performance, John’s shop tunes and restores 912’s into road ripping machines with unparalleled 912 performance.

His love for the Stuttgart marque is clear to see and in particular the dedication he has for his own Porsche 912 which is the star of the show – “That car isn’t just me, it’s all the people I’ve interacted with to get to this place,” says John Benton. “I bought this car at 23 years old, I didn’t have all the answers…My car is the result of all those little journeys, here and there…”

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Deus Safari 911

Designed and built to be auctioned off at Luftgekült 3 by some of the most decorated and well-known names in the Porche world, the Deus Safari 911 was a passion project all in the name of charity.

When the hammer went down at the events third instalment in April the final bid came in at $275,000, a win for all involved and more importantly a huge win for the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Lead by Joey Seely of Emotion Engineering (@emotion_engineering)and in conjunction with Patrick Long, Howie Idelson, Jeff Zwart, Rod Emory, Carby Tuckwell and the Deus team, and John Benton from Benton Performance.

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Spike DDB – Brooklyn Made

Brooklyn is an area full of makers, creatives and eclectic types. It’s a place where brands and cultures thrive through the diversity and belief in the area – Brooklyn carries weight where ever you are in the world, it synonomous with music, violence and now gentrification which threatens the areas roots.

Check out this insightful short film on the infamous Brooklyn, the people that make the place it is and their stories

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Invite the Unexpected – Ryan Reynolds x Kott Motorcycles

A beautiful film, a beautiful bike and we’re not afraid to say it…a beautiful man. In this short film Ryan Reynolds shares his love for Motorcycles and talks through his latest build with Kott Motorcycles.

“When I’m driving a car, I can’t wait to get there, when I’m riding a bike, I can’t wait not to get there…”
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