Mazda RX-2 Killer Bee – Petrolicious

Petrolicious’ latest creations documents Jason Humble’s killer bee of a Mazda RX-2 – with it’s screaming banshee like rotary engine and Hershel orange paintwork his track monster mixes it with the big boys no problem at all.

In Australia as a kid Jason mentions the youth at the time had 3 options, cricket, footy or cars – he clearly chose cars and chose well! The son of a race car driver, Jason’s passion was ignited by hanging around his Dad at the track from a young age, although not really getting into cars seriously until his late teens.

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Aaron Draplin – Making it in the little Leagues TED x Talk

Aaron Draplin and the Draplin Design Company are behind a lot of logo and graphic design that grace many a badass product or brand. Union Bindings, Nike, Snowboarder Magazine and Nixon are some of the brands he has worked with, he is also the man behind Field Notes, a note pad trusty steed in any thinking mans collection. Aside from the impressive skills behind a mouse Aaron has, he is a down right cool dude.

His Making it in the Little Leagues Ted x Talk is a brilliant little video – this is well worth 17 minutes of your time, even if you’re not into design, Aaron’s outlook and wit are a reason to watch alone.

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Motorhead Hakone Hill Climb II

The Japanese and their culture are known around the world for being way out there and pushing boundaries unlike us conservative Brits. The Motorhead Hill Climb II may sound like a nice gentrified Sunday poodle to anyone else but chuck some classic F1 and high power drift cars into the mix and you’ve got a Hill climb Japan style with added Saki.

The Hakone toll road is known in Japan for it’s scenery, demanding varied terrain and danger, it’s a favourite for road testers and mags looking to challenge cars and get dramatic shots for features. The privately owned Mountain pass and Motorhead Magazine played host to the second iteration of the succesful Hakone HillClimb which took place last year. Dubbed the Japanese Nurburgring drivers are tested on the race track like ribbon of tarmac that threads through the trees and into the Mountains – chuck fear out of the window there is no place for it here.

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The Porsche 912 – Perfectly Imperfect – Petrolicious

Antoine Gaslais searched the classifieds for years trying to find his perfect Porsche 912 – originally after the engine blowing up 25 miles into it’s first road trip outside of Paris, the longed for purchase felt like a mistake – not any more.

The Bahama yellow 912 is a time capsule of 1967 and is by no means a trailer queen…

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The Race to TROG

When I had a comment from Ian Bordeaux on a recent post I’d written The Race of Gentlemen asking for me to go and check out his video, I thought here we go another spammer wanting to show me how to improve ranking, how wrong was I…

Ian’s documentary The Race to TROG focuses on BMX’er Heath Pinter and his 8 month 1928 Ford Roadster build for the Race of Gentlemen. Check it out for yourselves and enjoy the ride Heath took to get to TROG.

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Be Human – Desillusion Magazine

Desillusion Magazine kick out some awesome content and Be Human which focuses on 24 year old skater Austyn Gillette fits the bill.

“At only 24 years of age, Austyn Gillette has built a decade strong career from hard work, humility, innovation and a commitment to skating every damn day. After a difficult year out injured, Desillusion spent a day with Austyn to reflect on the trials and tribulations of being pro and the importance of balance and being human.

Supported by HUF”

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Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has become a staple moring ritual for me – it tastes like liquid gold, however I buy into the brand as much as I do the taste. Jim Cregan, the man behind Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is hugely creative and inspirational. After upping sticks and travelling around Oz in a converted truck, Jimmy got hooked on Iced Coffee, once he returned to the UK his addiction wasn’t satisfied by what was on offer in the UK so he set about unleashing his own iced coffee onto the unsuspecting UK coffee drinker.

Not only is Jim a entrepreneur but he is a car guy as well and owns a truly badass 73 Ford F100 pickup and also a Mercedes Wagon. Watch his story of how he found his american truck and go support the brand and a brand not settling for the norm. #KYCU
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Dare to Be Different – Datsun 240z

This is an oldie but a goodie from the one and only Petrolicious. The Datsun 240z is a car currently getting some serious notoriety – seen as an affordable classic the iconic Japanese sports coupe is winning fans left right and centre around the world. Prices are on the rise but they’re still under appreciated.

Owner of this very badass 240z – Dave Sholz shares his connection with the Japanese classic, some say it is the Japanese answer to the 911, one thing that is true is that the 240z is fast becoming a cult classic. This is one to be turned up ear drum beating level and truly appreciated.

The Art of Sign Painting – Ornamental Conifer

Nicolai Sclater, better known as Ornamental Conifer produces slap you in the face witty sign painting, graphics and art. His unique twist on the traditional sign painting industry with his vivid colour and clever phrases have won many a fan all over the world, notoriety has come in the form of brands such as Deus Ex Machina commissioning him for apparel prints and art.

If you don’t believe us, check this guys work out for yourself…
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