Singer 911 – The Porsche 911 Re-imagined

There are somethings in life that hit you slap bang in the face, whether that be a provocative news story, a well written book, a song or as in Singer’s case – another persons passion for their craft. Singer for those of you that don’t know have “re-imagined” the iconic and much loved within these pages Porsche 911.

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Derelict Cars – Icon

Derelict Cars is an off shoot of the more well known Icon 4×4 in Sunny California. Icon are known for taking classic FJ Toyota Land Cruisers and underpinning them with modern chassis and running gear while maintaining that timeless aesthetic. Jonathan Ward the brain child behind Icon has taken the same thinking and applied it to beat up old Yank classics.

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Alfa male – A story of an Alfa Romeo collector

You’re either a car guy or your not and I’m of the opinion you develop your¬†passion in your early years and even more so when you start getting behind the wheel. More often than that you are influenced by your friends or family, and a love for a marque can strongly be decided by that influence. Which ever route you take your passion is often already partially laid for you.

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R Gruppe – The bunch of misfits

R Gruppe to some is the cliquey bunch of girls in the school playground that you either tried so hard to get in with or completely avoided. They are considered the misfit outcasts and not considered “purist car guys” because of their “hot rod” and “rough and ready” approach to building their Porsche’s. But above all the stigmatisms and perceptions there is no denying they are Porsche geeks and car guys simply going out and enjoying their cars and showing love and passion for the brand.

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