The Race of Gentlemen 2015 & Oilers Car Club

The Race of Gentlemen 2015

Much like the Goodwood Rivival, The Race of Gentlemen 2015 nostalgically transports us back to the era of balls out drag racing, Hotrods, pinups and individuality. The recently revived Olier’s Car Club played host, the name of the game was racing, having a good time and bringing mayhem to the beach in Willwood, NJ. Not even a looming Hurricane could dampen spirits.

Check out this beautifully captured short edit by: Scott Toepfer and further coverage by AWOL TV of the race of gentlemen 2015.

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California Cruising

Now, this is slightly off piste to the run of the mill event coverage or car feature – this is more of a nostalgic journal entry from a recent trip. My Girlfriend and I visited California for a 3 week road trip, it’s something we have wanted to do for a while and in all honesty it’s been my dream trip ever since visiting with my folks as an unappreciative spotty teenager 12 years ago. We covered some 2000 miles, had the time of our lives but still left knowing that the Golden State had much more to give.

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Field Invasion – Rushden Calvacade

In a spur of the moment trip to see the outlaws I ended up trudging around a field between Bedford and Rushden in Northampton like a Meerkat surrounding by a mix of ex service vehicles and classic machines. Rushden Calvacade is a celebration of all things vintage machinery from steam engines and tractors to ex-army land rovers and classic british cars.

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Last Resort – Aspotogan

At District AutoClub it’s not just the smell of vintage motor oil or the sound of raspy twin carbs that turn us on…anything alternative culture, stuff that stirs our creative minds or if it simply ticks the “that’s cool” box it’ll make it in to our pages too, so when the latest RedBull skate film popped up into my feed I made sure I immersed myself in a garaunteed master class in action sport film making.

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