The forgotten stars of Motorsport – Buster

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a Motorsport team from the mechanics and technicians to the Marketing guys and transport teams…but not many consider the tools that if weren’t there, no-one would go racing. The tools in this case are the trucks and specifically the iconic Porsche Truck also known as Buster.

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Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story

Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story

When you think touring cars your mind automatically jumps to BMW , or mine does anyway. BMW have a rich heritage in Motorsport, especially throughout the 70’s 80’s and 90s where Touring cars were big business and naturally fitted well with the Bavarian power house’s business. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday couldn’t have been more true for that era of Motorsport, with big budgets thrown at teams to get the brand trains careering through to their customers wallets. Adrenalin The BMW Touring Car Story is a film that takes an in depth look at BMW’s involvement and what it meant/means to be a touring car driver for Bavarian Motor Werks.

Rubbing and hustling for position is what makes this type of racing exhilarating…watching the drivers push themselves and their cars to the ultimate limit and fraying the relationships they have with each other in between is all part of the draw. The driving is a lot more aggressive than most forms of Motorsport and that’s what keeps the hoards of spectators and fans obsessed with the sport. That obsession and passion transpires down through to the drivers who live for the close quarter racing and no shits given attitude when their 3 a breast into a tight corner and they no one of them is coming off worse.

Just from the trailer for Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story, the grittyness that Touring Cars offers is apparent, from the classic footage to the modern day it’s captured the essence of wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper racing. I for one am excited to see this film.

From Bavaria with love – BMW CSi 3.0 <3

I remember growing up and my “G Dad” (as he was known) having a E30 325i Tourer, I was in love with this cars, the smell, the clunk the doors made when you shut them and the low hum noise followed by a top end rasp a straight six beemer made when he planted his foot on the loud pedal, it was simply captivating as a little guy just getting into cars.

Stanceworks BMW CSi 3.0 is as nostalgic as it gets for me, I get the same feeling looking at this thing as I do thinking about going for a drive in my Grandad’s old E30 back in the day. Okay the E30 is by no means an E9 CSi but that badge and those lines are reminiscent of BMWs from the 70’s as much as they are the early 90’s for me. BMW had it nailed with their styling from the 2002, right up until the E36, it got a little wayward after that in my personal opinion.

The modern take on the retro BBS splits Mike Burroughs from Stanceworks has added to the car really set it off, and that stance, well, it’s not a Stanceworks car for nothing. This car oozes class and the subtle mods definitely add to the styling, I think the boys and girls in Bavaria who put this together would have a lot of love for it.

If you’re into your classic BMW’s check the guys out over at Stanceworks, there is plenty more of what you see here!


District AutoClub helmet_black-01


Benton Performance – Porsche romance

Benton Performance – Porsche Romance

John Benton of Benton Performance is a true car guy and craftsman…restoring and refining classic Porsche’s with an unrivaled passion and pride. John keeps the very essence of the Porsche’s he builds in-tact with only those in the know really able to identify changes to the 912’s, 901’s or 356’s that roll out of the doors of Benton Performance. A subtle change in ride height, wider steel wheels and the dark art of tuning refine the already revered German Engineering and are the only tell tale signs that something isn’t quite standard.

Porsche 912 - Benton Performance

There will be no more classic Porsche’s made, fact, they are dying out but without guys like Benton Performance and John they would be following the dodo a hell of a lot faster. Born from the responsibility of preserving such beautiful machines, Benton’s builds are about making the cars better and not messing with the designs and exterior in order to keep his Porsche’s as period as possible.

Three Five Six x Stephen Brooks = Fist Bump

The Porsche 356 Outlaw

This film from Stephen Brooks capture the edgy raw look of The Porsche 356 Outlaw. Outlaws vary from extremes like this totally stripped out primer grey 356 to some of the stunning creations that come out of Emory Autosport in Northern California.


Raw primer grey, rolled aluminium interior and tucked in low stance on over-sized fuch’s makes this car one of the stand out 356’s. Mint Porsche 356’s go for silly six figure money and are still out of touch for the young guys wanting to get into classic Porsche ownership…the Porsche 356 Outlaw movement was conceived by young car guys defying purist idealogy. Changing out suspension, engines and stripping them back creating track cars and street racers, the Outlaw movement was born.


Even more pr-evoking of the purist is handled by the addition of air suspension, but that is what the Porsche 356 Outlaw encompasses…cars that get driven hard and get built ignoring any predetermined do’s and don’ts. It’s these do’s and don’ts that often add bureaucracy and sceney-ness that in my opinion create barriers for creative freedom and acceptance.

Photos via Stanceworks