Benton Performance – Porsche romance

Benton Performance – Porsche Romance

John Benton of Benton Performance is a true car guy and craftsman…restoring and refining classic Porsche’s with an unrivaled passion and pride. John keeps the very essence of the Porsche’s he builds in-tact with only those in the know really able to identify changes to the 912’s, 901’s or 356’s that roll out of the doors of Benton Performance. A subtle change in ride height, wider steel wheels and the dark art of tuning refine the already revered German Engineering and are the only tell tale signs that something isn’t quite standard.

Porsche 912 - Benton Performance

There will be no more classic Porsche’s made, fact, they are dying out but without guys like Benton Performance and John they would be following the dodo a hell of a lot faster. Born from the responsibility of preserving such beautiful machines, Benton’s builds are about making the cars better and not messing with the designs and exterior in order to keep his Porsche’s as period as possible.

Three Five Six x Stephen Brooks = Fist Bump

The Porsche 356 Outlaw

This film from Stephen Brooks capture the edgy raw look of The Porsche 356 Outlaw. Outlaws vary from extremes like this totally stripped out primer grey 356 to some of the stunning creations that come out of Emory Autosport in Northern California.


Raw primer grey, rolled aluminium interior and tucked in low stance on over-sized fuch’s makes this car one of the stand out 356’s. Mint Porsche 356’s go for silly six figure money and are still out of touch for the young guys wanting to get into classic Porsche ownership…the Porsche 356 Outlaw movement was conceived by young car guys defying purist idealogy. Changing out suspension, engines and stripping them back creating track cars and street racers, the Outlaw movement was born.


Even more pr-evoking of the purist is handled by the addition of air suspension, but that is what the Porsche 356 Outlaw encompasses…cars that get driven hard and get built ignoring any predetermined do’s and don’ts. It’s these do’s and don’ts that often add bureaucracy and sceney-ness that in my opinion create barriers for creative freedom and acceptance.

Photos via Stanceworks

Porsche 911 SC – Head of Bugatti Designs Project

Porsche 911 SC – Head of Bugatti Designs Personal Project

Modern cultural movements and the way in which objects are perceived is changing. Unique personalisation and customisation through craftmanship is not only making an impression on bespoke creations like furntiture and bicycles but also creeping it’s way into mass produced consumer goods. The rise of makers and craftsman taking back that tangible skill of working with your hands rather than bashing a keyboard all day is the next hipster trend – furniture makers, bike builders and car builders are springing up everywhere. The rise of the blue collar worker is becoming a movement. The 911 and in particular this Porsche 911 SC is a good example of that unique custom approach and craftmanship.

The 911 is a testament to great timeless design and engineering, as a result this has led to Porsche’s flagship model being a base for hot rodding among classic and vintage Porsche fans. Craftsman are taking the best bits from various eras of 911 and bringing them together to create a Frankenstein creation capable of slaying modern GT3’s on the track.

This very Porsche 911 SC is owned by Bugatti’s head of design who describes the very essence of what makes a Porsche, a Porsche. It’s the raw minimalist  nature and design of the car in comparison to his day job of fett’ling with £1mn plus Bugatti’s dripping in re-finment and engineered design.

Although fairly short it’s interesting hearing Achim Anscheidt talk about his connection with the Porsche 911, it’s design and how it relates to modern culture.

Wilton Classic and Supercars

Wilton Classic and Supercars

Wilton Classic and Supercars is an event that is set in the back garden of one of the UK’s old world stately homes, when I say old world I mean, old money, when extreme extravagance and opulence were your defining factor in social society. Quite fitting really for the cars on display at Wilton Classic and Supercars.Ferrari 250 GTO - Wilton Classic and SuperCarsWhere better to start than Ferrari, the OG of extravagance and beauty. Ferrari’s are always the star of the show at any event and especially classic Ferrari’s. The line up at Wilton Classic and Supercars was vast from 250 GTO’s to F40’s and 250 California’s to Daytona’s and definitely did not disappoint

Where ever it goes the 250 GTO is a show stopper and there has been a lot of hype around these cars recently, one went on the block at Monterey Car Week fetching an eye watering bid of $38million.

Ferrari Daytona - Wilton Classic and Super CarsFerrari-Daytona-Wilton-Hall Classic and SupercarsSome what of an unsung hero among the other Ferrari’s and cast to one side on the lawns away from the main humdrum of onlookers. The Ferrari Daytona is the king of GT cruisers and basking the sunhine in between showers allowed me to shoot it uninterrupted and really appreciate the stunning shape and engineering of this late 70’s beast.

Ferrari F40 Wilton Hall Classic and Supercars
Ferrari F40 And GTO - Wilton Classic and Supercars
From the 250 GTO to the Ferrari F40, Wilton Classic and Supercars delivered the Ferrari goodness. I love these things, the boxy late 80’s wedge design, an ass as wide as Kim Kardashian’s and those scuplted air flow ducts…everything about this car is kick you in the nuts cool.
Amilcar_01-Wilton Classic and SupercarsAmilcar 02 Wilton Classic and Supercars I was totally drawn in by this Amilcar, a French maker from the 1920’s. This is an example of nuts and bolts functional engineering presented beautifully. A spotless example really captured the open wheel period, I just wanted to jump on in, grab my goggles and leather cap and go for a blast.

BMW 507 - Wilton Classic and Supercars I’ve never seen the BMW 507 in the flesh, it’s so far removed from modern BMW’s or even the Neue Klasse, that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s of Italian decent.
Porsche 911 Rally 03 Wilton Classic and Supercars I think patina and battle scars give a car it’s character, it’s soul and tells a story, which I why I was all over this Porsche 911 2.7 RS. It was obvious that it had seen a few adventures but when I was snapping away a well to do couple walked up to the car and simply said “the interior isn’t much better than the outside, that’s a state” – technically yes Mr and Mrs well to do you were right but the point was well and truly missed…
Porsche 911 Rally 2.7 01 Wilton Classic and Supercars Porsche 911 Rally 2.7 Wilton Classic and Supercars This was a car I’m sure of many tales and that is the point, it was occupying the lawn to conceive intrigue to anyone that took an interest, where had this car been, who had driven it, what had it seen…all of these things I would love to know. Looking past the beaten up exterior and simply appreciating this 911 RS for what it is, an out and out automotive legend.

Porsche 956 LeMans Wilton Classic and Supercars The famous Porsche 956 Le Mans icon looked just at home on the Wilton Classic and Supercars lawn as it does shredding down the Mulsanne Straight at full chat.

Porsche 956 LeMans 02 Wilton Classic and Supercars BBS Turbo fans and tonnes of aero give the old Le Man slayer such an aggressive look. Feared by other racers on the track and by those who graced it’s steering wheel for being an unforgiving brute, it still has an air of beauty to it despite its reputation. Fiat 500 Abarth - Wilton Classic and Supercars Aston Martin DB4 Wilton Hall ClassicsBugatti flat 8 Wilton Hall ClassicsBugatti 11B Wilton Hall Classics Despite the format having already been done on paper, Wilton Classic and Supercars just feels different. A Spectacular setting and spectacular cars.

Porsche 911 RSR – One Car To Do It All

Porsche 911 RSR – One Car To Do It All

One Car to Do it All is a film from the automotive story tellers Petrolicious about a car that most of us car guys strive for… something that does everything…drive it to the track, set it up, bang around for a few hours and trundle on home with no issues at all. Jack Olsen’s 1972 Porsche 911 RSR transformer is just that car.

Porsche 911 - Jack Olsen

Jack Olsen Garage = Porsche 911 RSR

Jack  also has one badass garage all built to a budget of $3500, including the lift!! Initiate immediate car and garage envy NOW. Jacks garage houses his Porsche 911 RSR and is purpose built around working on the car including specific work areas for different jobs. Jack has literally planned and resourced for any scenario.


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Porsche 911 – True gents of the road

Porsche 911 – True gents of the road

The Porsche 911 is such an iconic car. The racing pedigree of Porsche is unmatched, their history with LeMans and motorsport development has them up their with the best. The 911 has benefited from the vast motorsport experience Porsche have gained over the years.

Porsche 911 RS

Launched in the 1973 the Porsche 911 Carrera RS is considered to be the holy grail of vintage Porsche 911 ownership, prices are increasing by the day and are becoming only obtainable by the most resourced collectors. The RS name or “Rennesport” meaning Race Sport in English is famous among Porsche 911 variants, a striped out racer with a tuned 2.7 litre flat six boxer engine and buckets of power…

Porsche 911 RS

Porsche 911 Carrera RS

The Porsche 911 RS was developed by Porsche for one purpose…racing. Regulations specified at the time, a certain amount of production vehicles needed to be sold in order for the car to be eligible for racing. The duckbill rear wing has become synonymous with the profile of the 911.

Porsche 911S - Silverstone Classic

Bright colours have always been a popular choice for 911’s, in race form this very car wore bright orange centered Fuch’s, and looked awesome with it’s black contrast details and decals.

Porsche 911S

Porsche 911 S

Porsche 911S -Silverstone

Period sponsor graphics and decals brought that nostalgic feel to the max, this early short wheel based 911E might not have been the fastest on show but it definitely looked mightily cool hitting the Silverstone tarmac.

Porsche 911S -Silverstone

Porsche 911S -Silverstone

There is nothing better for me than a 911 in race trim kitted out with decals, stripped out and ready to race…Porsche 911’s with the street race custom hot rod style are insanely cool at the moment and I think the way to dress a 911.


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Silverstone Classic – Porsche a True Romance

Classic Porsche – True Romance

As the morning mist lifted the crisp air filled with rawtie exhaust notes, over-fuel backfire pops and the unmistakable noise of air-cooled engines  downshifting at speed through the Maggots-Becketts and Chapel complex.  A mind boggling sensory overload that hit you as soon as stepping through the turn-styles of the Silverstone Classic.

The Silverstone paddock was full to the brim with classic race machines and car enthusiasts, re-capturing the sounds and smells from the bygone era of motor racing. Bearing witness to the near forgotten legends of the track, spectators mixed with mechanics adjusting and perfecting the set up on their vintage machines, whilst drivers donned their race suits preparing to do battle, all in a hedonistic petrol fuelled mix.

Porsche 356 - Silver Classic

Making our way to to the National paddock, glancing through a garage onto the pit straight a Porsche 356 screeched to a halt, the  driver frantically got out, did a lap of the car and clambered back into his race machine before screeching off  to the high fives of his mechanics. Onlookers reveled in what they were witnessing…one of Stuttgart’s finest creations being driven and driven hard.

Red Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic

Once the racing had finished 3 Porsche 356 race bred Outlaws, 1 red and black from the UK and 2 cream liveried up German owned cars rolled into the Pit Garages for a well earned rest, the warm smell of mechanicals, brakes and tyres still fresh as fans swarmed to get up close.

Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic

Silverstone classic - Porsche 356

No getting lost here, spot the map next to the steering wheel…Silverstone is one of the fastest tracks on any motorsport calendar and whilst these Porsche 356’s wouldn’t be getting anywhere near the speeds of some of the other machines on show, you can bet they were having fun doing getting close.

Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic 2

Porsche 356 - SIlverstone Classic German

It’s always recommended that a good breakfast is the best way to start the day…

Porsche 356 - Silverstone Classic

Silverstone CLassic - Porsche 356

Porsche 356 Silverstone

There was a certain sense of romance about watching 3 Porsche 356 outlaw blast around the circuit at the Silverstone Classic, seeing these rare machines in an environment not many are used to – on the race track – was truly a special moment.

Up close and personal – Silverstone Classic 2014

In my previous post I shared some of the out and out race cars that descended on the Silverstone Classic Internatinal paddock. I took so many pictures I thought it only right to share some more – this time from the National Paddock and various display cars on the club stands.

Silverstone Classic - BMW CSL E9

BMW sponsored the Silverstone Classic this year having a large presence including a stonking great big Ferris wheel, although that was cool in it’s own right what lay in the shadows was way cooler – the cream of crop from the BMW Car Club. The E9 CSL is a car I just can’t help drooling over, the lines are so clean yet the front end is one of the aggressive BMW have ever put on a car. This stunning example was the bell of the ball for me out of the heavy weight line up of classic Bavarian metal.

BMW e9  CSL - BMW Car Club GB - Silverstone Classic 2014

I got chatting with the owner, John – a really nice friendly retired engineer in the British military. Among the tales of how the E9 CSL came about in the early 70’s, he told me that he wasn’t to be seen to be picking up a spanner at work in order to maintain rank with his engineers. To sooth his engineering itch he restored this beautiful E9 back to it’s full glory in the evenings and at weekends, keeping it from his colleagues. You can never keep a car guy and an engineer away from his tools for too long. Hopefully more on this car in the near future…

Blue E9 CSL - Silverstone Classic

Another mint CSL E9 finished in Baikal Blue Metallic basked in the glorious sunshine. The body work was so straight and true on this example it looked like it could have rolled off the assembly line that day. It’s clear that the BMW car club guys put some serious work into their cars.

BMW Alpina Engine - Silverstone Classic

There was a pretty wild BMW 2002 Tii wearing some big over fenders and smoothed to within an inch of it’s life, despite me not getting any pics of the actual car this thing had a pretty special party piece though, an Alpina E10. An engine which to the un trained eye just looks like another engine but to anyone that knows would stop you in your tracks and prompt a “what the f…. that’s rare and cool”…which is exactly what I did.

Bright yellow E9 BMW - Silverstone Classic

The E9 isn’t to everyones taste in Golf Yellow but it looked the buts against the bright blue sky over Silverstone.

BMW 7 Series - Silverstone Classic 2014

This early 7 series had a deep south America style vibe to it which I really dig’d. I could picture this cruising the streets of Nola with it’s white wall tyres, chrome arches and vinyl details.

E21 BMW 3 Series - Silverstone Classic

I’m a sucker for a clean E21, they have become a popular platform for modifying with some sweet examples doing the rounds on the scene, it’s rare to see one in such original form.

Alfa Romeo GTV - Silverstone Classic

Away from the BMW Car Club stand and into the National Paddock – Off to the side in a little corner was this oh so clean and painfully beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV. The Bertone designer Giorgetto Giugiaro penned such a stunning and timeless design with this series of sports coupe, bello.

Alfa Romeo Front - GTV Silverstone Classic

The Alfa 1750 GTV was introduced in 1968. Designed to be the most sporting in the Alfa range, the Gran Turismo Veloce – Veloce meaning Fast in Italian, did not disappoint. A peppy 4 cylinder light weight alloy block engine produced over 120 horsepower. Coupled with improved braking and suspension compared to earlier ‘fast’ Alfa models meant the Gran Turismo Veloce formed a great tuning base for motorsport.

Alfa Romeo GTV - Silverstone Classic

Competing at the famous Targa Florio in 1923, Alfa Romeo driver Ugo Sivocci added a four-leafed clover symbol, known as Quadrifoglio Verde in Italian, for luck on the deep red bodywork of his Alfa Romeo RL. Ever since, the Cloverleaf has symbolised the sporting heart of Alfa Romeo, recognised and celebrated by Alfisti throughout the world.

Afla GTV 1750 Interior - Silverstone Classic

The sculpted design of the dash and instrument clusters that channels the drivers eye are still used to this day in a lot of modern Alfa’s. I particularly liked the after market fan, and to me sums up the discerning Alfa driver – sacrificing functionality over style and performance.

Alfa GTV 1750 Rear End - Silverstone Classic

Despite the connotations around Alfa Romeo..the oil leaks and relaiability issues, it’s said you’re not a true car guy until you’ve owned an Alfa. This is definitely on the bucket list and hopefully another car that will grace these very pages in the near future.

Escort Mk1 - Silverstone Classic

These two Ford Escort MK1’s couldn’t be any different if they tried, apart from the lairy canary yellow paint work of course. It was a stunning before and after example of how much work and design goes into building a race car.

Porsche 356 Outlaw race car - Silverstone Classic

As previously mentioned the Silverstone Classic allowed you to get up close and personal with the cars and after sweet talking a Marshall the racing and pitstops too…it was very nostalgic looking on from the pit garage as this Porsche 356 screeched to a stop before it’s driver jumped out, did a lap of the car before jumping back in and peeling out again. I think I even turned round and gave my girlfriend a hi-five…super cool.

Pitlane action - Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic is an event that any car guy,old or young, big or small must visit. It’s on par with the Goodwood Festival of Speed allowing you to get your mechanical fix whilst watching some of the very best frantic Motorsport from the packed frantic grids.

Magnus Walkers Garage Tour with Forsberg

Magnus Walkers Garage Tour with Chris Forsberg

Magnus Walkers Garage Tour with Chris Forsberg is yet another glimpse in to the world of the legendary custom Porsche builder. Take a quick look into the world that the Urban Outlaw occupies thanks to a new series called Garage Tours with Chris Forsberg . Magnus has a serious collection of classic and vintage Porsche’s ranging from 64 to 73, but Magnus Walkers garage tour shows a little more than his stunning collection. A huge area dedicated simply to parts for on-going projects, and another for in progress project builds, Magnus’ garage is the man cave to end all man caves!

Magnus’ live, work Downtown LA garage serves as his home to him and his wife as well the home to his large collection of vintage and classic Porsche’s. Ranging from his early Irish Green 911 to his 930 Turbos from 1971, all the way up to his famous 911T car 277, they all live and roam in his stunning warehouse. Once home to his clothing business, the popularity of his builds have forced the need for more space to expand his hobby into a business which has meant moving focus away from clothing and into developing the Urban Outlaw builds. So popular are Magnus’ builds that a Porsche which has gone through his hands can demand a premium, they are quickly becoming the holy grail of custom Porsche.

Magnus talks more about his LA Art District warehouse/loft/Man Cave/Badass home that makes any car guy envious in his recent TED Talk at UCLA. His talk really shows how one man is living his dream and really making the most of his passion.

If you hadn’t guests I am a big fan of Magnus Walker and the builds he comes out with, the soul, energy and passion that he puts into his car is for me what makes a car special and why we car guys and girls fall in love with our automotive machinery. Magnus Walkers Garage Tour is just another piece of content that fuels my new found obsession for classic and vintage Porsche’s and him as a car guy.

There are builders of classic Porsche’s and then there is Magnus Walker…


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