Silverstone Classic 2014 – In The Garages

Silverstone Classic 2014 – Historic Motorsport Icons

When you think of a British Motorsport venue your thoughts jumps straight to Silverstone in leafy Buckinghamshire – so there’s nowhere better in my opinion to hold a Classic and Vintage Motorsport event. The Silverstone Classic 2014 was a last minute deal for me, I’d heard about the event but never attended and after seeing all the Classic LeMans coverage, I was itching to get my yearly dose of Classic Motorsport.

It all came about one evening surfing the internet when suddenly the memory of a conversation with a colleague about the show popped into my head, a quick investigation later and two tickets were winging their way to me in the post. The lucky recipient of the second ticket…my very patient girlfriend, boy was she in for a treat.

With the promise of historic F1, classic LeMans and early naughties ‘money no object’ British Touring Cars – the alarm was set for 5:45am…the early bird always catches the worm and man what a worm.
Maserati 1930's F1 - Silverstone Classic 2014
The first stop on arrival (after coffee) was the International Paddock, the early start was made better (for me anyway) by what greeted us. Empty pit garages with unprecedented access to some of the most iconic race cars in the business, WIN. It had the feel of a museum before opening, to the point that my girlfriend kept asking “if we were meant to be there”, it all seemed too good to be true. The sheer openness to roam around the garages whilst last minute prep was being done by race mechanics was simply amazing. I was like a giddy fat kid in a sweet shop.
Maserati 1930's F1 Car - Silverstone Classic 2014
Maserati 1930's V12 F1 Car - SIlverstone Classic 2014
It’s not often you can get this up close to some Motorsport greats, often we as spectators are kept at arms length to the cars and drivers but not at the Silverstone Classic. Drivers, mechanics, marshalls all mixed with visitors in pure petrol head harmony…I likened the atmosphere to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Whilst FoS is a special event in itself you’re still not able to get too close to the cars or drivers.
Yardley McLaren F1 Car - Silverstone Classic 2014
Maserati F1 Car Wheel Hub - Silverstone Classic 2014
1000 cars competed over the weekend in over 20 frantic races, the grids were huge and provided for some non-stop trading of paint throughout the weekend. I couldn’t keep up with the wealth of cars on show and on the track but I’m not going to lie, whilst the racing was fantastic and thrilling to watch, I was more concerned about getting up close to the machines.
Mini Cooper S - Silverstone Classic 2014
Silverstone Classic 2014 - Mini Cooper S
Because the Silverstone Classic 2014 was such a late call I didn’t have many expectations. I was literally left brain numb (in a good way) from the whole experience – the atmosphere was great, everyone I came across in the car clubs were so passionate about their cars and wow the cars…
Jaguar race car - Silverstone Classic 2014
Jaguar racecar - SIlverstone Classic
Jaguar race car - Silverstone Classic 2014
wheels and Jag Silverstone Classic 2014
BMW E9 CSL GT Car - Silverstone Classic 2014

The images here are a small sample of what was on show in and around the International Paddock set in the stunning new start finish straight pit building. I have lots more coverage from the Silverstone Classic planned, including some of the cars from the National Paddock, some of the many club cars on show as well as a selection of the best Porsche’s at the show. Stay tuned…


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The Porsche 356 – The Beginning

The Porsche 356 – The Beginning 

The Porsche 356 has become a cult classic and aside from the legendary 911, is the aspirational Porsche among collectors and air cooled “scene” guys. The Porsche 356 was the brain child of Ferdinand Porsche and launched the sports car brand in 1948, building what would become the foundation of modern Porsche’s, he’d hit on a design that would stand the test of time.

In today’s money the original souped up 40bhp power unit from the beetle wouldn’t class it as a sports car, more like a mobility scooter rival. However the rear wheel drive, rear engine’d Porker was sprightly and had “stop you in your tracks” looks as well as a rarity in those days among sports cars, comfort and reliability. The shape even today in the world of hard edge super cars still holds it own and is respected by car guys from California to Australia.


As a kid I had a Burago 356B Porsche diecast 1:18 scale model finished in cream with a tan interior, but being a budding 10 year old carpet race car driver it got battered and unfortunately is in a bit of a state. When I was wandering around Goodwood Festival of Speed this year and spotted a badass, near enough bang on version of the Porsche 356 I had as a boy the memories came flooding back! Sat in the Porsche owners club area I starred at it for ages like a deranged fanboy, long enough in fact to get the attention of the guy cleaning it who gave me a bit of background on the car…I couldn’t believe it when he told me the original owner traded it in for a VW Golf in 1980, man he must be kicking himself.

Porsche 356B - Porsche Owners club Goodwood Festival of Speed

For me retro and vintage cars ooze passion and soul, each of the individual components of the Porsche 356 were immaculately designed and crafted, from the swan neck wing mirrors to the sculpted door handles and intricate engine grill, Ferdinand Porsche created something that was simply beautiful down to the fine details…unlike the cars of today where the beauty and craftsmanship that gives a car it’s soul has gone awol.


In the early to mid 50’s Porsche introduced it’s own set of air cooled power plants and faster versions of the Porsche 356…true legendary status was well on it’s way to being achieved and the foundations for the iconic 911 were being layed.

Porsche 356B - Porsche Owners club Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Porsche 356 is a car that epitomises soul and passion and really for me sums up everything about retro and vintage cars. The thought and craftmanship that went into the design of everything on that car just speaks for itself. Ferdinand Porsche created something special, over 50 years later it is commanding some serious money and kudos in the collectors and vintage car guy world…I’m saving the pennies, I have a real itch for an Outlaw, more on those later.


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Magnus Walker Wheels x Fifteen52 = Outlaw Fever

Magnus Walker Wheels x Fifteen52 = Outlaw Fever

Magnus Walker the Porsche customiser also known as the Urban Outlaw has teamed up with wheel maker Fifteen52 on an epic collaboration Magnus Walker wheels and short film of him hooning around Downtown LA in one of his 911 Turbo’s.

Magnus has built himself quite the reputation for building some of the best street racer 911’s and has gained much acclaim and coverage for his builds, now being featured regularly on sites like Speedhunters and Stanceworks. Originally from Sheffield and now residing in the Downtown LA Art District, the fast becoming Porsche icon tells the tale of his Urban Outlaw Magnus Walker wheels development with Fifteen52 and what it’s like to drive around the historic DTLA area (Down town Los Angeles for any not in the know, like me..I had to look it up)

If you didn’t know, Fifteen52 are the brand behind Ken Block‘s famous Turbo Fan wheels and have built their reputation by aligning themselves with figurehead badasses in the automotive industry. Magnus Walker is definitely one of those now.

One man’s hobby and obsession has turned into his job…hold on to the dream, more on Magnus Walker to come…

Magnus Walker Fifteen52 Wheels - Porsche 911 277 Outlaw 001
Magnus Walker Porsche 911 Wheels Outlaw 001 Gold

Images beautifully captured by Stanceworks


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