Mazda RX-2 Killer Bee – Petrolicious

Petrolicious’ latest creations documents Jason Humble’s killer bee of a Mazda RX-2 – with it’s screaming banshee like rotary engine and Hershel orange paintwork his track monster mixes it with the big boys no problem at all.

In Australia as a kid Jason mentions the youth at the time had 3 options, cricket, footy or cars – he clearly chose cars and chose well! The son of a race car driver, Jason’s passion was ignited by hanging around his Dad at the track from a young age, although not really getting into cars seriously until his late teens.

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Motorhead Hakone Hill Climb II

The Japanese and their culture are known around the world for being way out there and pushing boundaries unlike us conservative Brits. The Motorhead Hill Climb II may sound like a nice gentrified Sunday poodle to anyone else but chuck some classic F1 and high power drift cars into the mix and you’ve got a Hill climb Japan style with added Saki.

The Hakone toll road is known in Japan for it’s scenery, demanding varied terrain and danger, it’s a favourite for road testers and mags looking to challenge cars and get dramatic shots for features. The privately owned Mountain pass and Motorhead Magazine played host to the second iteration of the succesful Hakone HillClimb which took place last year. Dubbed the Japanese Nurburgring drivers are tested on the race track like ribbon of tarmac that threads through the trees and into the Mountains – chuck fear out of the window there is no place for it here.

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Dare to Be Different – Datsun 240z

This is an oldie but a goodie from the one and only Petrolicious. The Datsun 240z is a car currently getting some serious notoriety – seen as an affordable classic the iconic Japanese sports coupe is winning fans left right and centre around the world. Prices are on the rise but they’re still under appreciated.

Owner of this very badass 240z – Dave Sholz shares his connection with the Japanese classic, some say it is the Japanese answer to the 911, one thing that is true is that the 240z is fast becoming a cult classic. This is one to be turned up ear drum beating level and truly appreciated.

This Nissan Fairlady 240Z Is An Otaku’s Dream Car – Petrolicious

This Nissan Fairlady 240Z Is An Otaku’s Dream Car – Petrolicious is a constant source of automotive video porn and their feature of one of Japans most prolific exports is nothing short of the high storytelling standards we have come to love.

The 240z is fast becoming a sought after classic and an alternative to the astronomical prices that European, especially Porsche, sports car are commanding. There is no doubting the badass appeal the 240z and this latest Petrolicious edit is fit for it’s subject.

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Wagon love – Datsun and Toyota

Wagons are cool fact, they offer the boundless customisation possibilities, they are rarely seen on the roads and they are damn practical. Us cars guys often want to chuck more than ourselves into our cars so Wagons are the technically the perfect compromise. Although practicality and cool don’t tend to go hand in hand in the case of the Datsun 510 theres no worries here.

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It’s purely about being cool – Toyota Celica TA27 GTV

“This car is not about racing, this car is not about power, performance…it’s purely about being cool”

Having personally seen this at Japfest this year I can vouch for how damn cool this car is. I was walking round with a strained neck for the rest of the day after having spent so much time starring at this thing in sheer amazement and thinking to myself “that’s actually a classic Celica GTV in the UK”. Although Japfest is a Japanese car show (the clue is in the name) I didn’t expect to see this at all, I expected modern JDM cars not classics, what a surprise it was to see it…I thought I was going to have a moment.

The car was built as a show car for Japanese Performance Parts in Crawley, England and is a rare sight on our shores. So rare in fact many of the people that stopped to look at it didn’t know what the hell it was. It was also amazing just to see how many people walked straight past this stunning example of a cult classic in favour of drooling over an R35 GT-R or an Evo, respect your elders UK, respect your elders.


RAUH Welt Begriff Porsche – Akira Nakai

RAUH Welt Begriff – Automotive Art

Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) or loosely translated to Rough World is the brain child of Akira Nakai of Japan, a renowned Porsche tuning artist. The Porsche 911 being his canvas, Nakai-San combines inspiration from Euro and Japanese car culture styles which come together to create some of the most insane and in your face Porsche’s on the Japanese and U.S roads.


Huge riveted overfenders, wider rubber than an F1 car and aggressive street racer inspired stance are the name of the game with Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB), not to everyone’s taste but opinion and trends aren’t what drives Nakai-San, it’s about grabbing attention with his builds.

He is a true automotive artist, creating work that inspires him and his customers. Building only one car per customer, a customer gets a car built on RWB and Nakai’s terms, often not even choosing the colour. The process is very much organic and creative rather than prescribed.


Rauh Welt Begriff are not for the faint hearted, you have to be fairly confident with your social status and ranking in society to pull one off, they turn heads everywhere they go. As a result RWB built Porsche’s are in hot demand with orders from Thailand to Canada. Having started in a small Japanese town as a body shop the modern age of social media has catapulted Nakai-San and RWB into the car culture hall of fame.


District AutoClub helmet_black-01

DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE – Engineered to Slide Hilux Build

DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE – Engineered to Slide Hilux Build

A Toyota Hilux isn’t something that would usually feature on District AutoClub but Nigel Petrie from Engineered to Slide is next level and his build is simply outstanding. Nigel had a dream to build his own car one day and no not just take a car and bolt bits on but literally build a car from scratch, the ground up, a blank sheet of paper…something only the bravest of car builders would ever attempt. And to add more pressure, this isn’t just a show car, something that get’s wheeled in off the back of a truck for shows, this Hilux was destined to go sideways and go sideways very fast my friends.

Nigel and Engineered to Slide epitomise everything good in car culture, this film oozes passion, emotion and that all important dream. Sit back and immerse yourself in one mans final steps to build his ultimate drift weapon from scratch and realise his vision in a documentary showing the dedication Nigel puts into this build, from the initial concept to the trials and tribulations of his first outing


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