ProjectDETOUR – California

ProjectDETOUR California is one of a 3 part adventure series taking in the French Alps, Greece and California with a mix of road tripping and sideways boarding on a variety of terrain thrown in for your viewing pleasure.

David Bertschinger Karg describes his latest creation: “projectDETOUR is a short film series about three trips to three destinations. We’ve been hiking waist deep powder in the Alps, we high fived sheep farmers in Greece and rode our motorbikes through the state of California.¬†California baby… What do you want more?!”

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Daniel Ricciardo Experiences LA Car Culture – Donut Media

Ever wondered what an F1 driver get’s up to on their summer break? Well Daniel Ricciardo heads to L.A with a bunch of his mates, hooks up with Donut Media and cruises Southern California’s streets sampling what the mecca of car culture has to offer.

Taking in the whole city – Dan and his mates cross LA from East to West, starting off in DTLA where they go big pimping in some rad low riders, drool over Bruce Meyer’s incredible car collection and finish off blasting the canyon roads in some ass twitching super cars.

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Friends in High Places

Sometimes it’s fair to say that dropping the day job and jumping on a plane has crossed my mind a number of times in full time corporate employment. A slave to shareholders and beholden to a keyboard and desk often makes you contemplate “what if”…it’s often that these “what if’s” are beaten back by our sensible brain telling us “you wouldn’t be able to afford the rent” and other such life burdens that society impose upon us. But what if you did just jack it all in for a life of surfing, road tripping and adventure…

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The Craftsman Project – 001/Brent Ferris

The Craftsman Project is a series of short video edits showcasing the talents and aspirations of craftsman and makers. The first in the series by Russell Brownley focuses on Brent Ferris who is both a barber and owner of Good Times Barbershop and an avid surfer and surfboard shaper.

The Craftsman Project beautifully captures the essence of what it is to be a craftsman and tells the story of those individuals who are not content with settling into a 9-5 but are forging their own paths and getting their hands dirty hustling.

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