Mazda RX-2 Killer Bee – Petrolicious

Petrolicious’ latest creations documents Jason Humble’s killer bee of a Mazda RX-2 – with it’s screaming banshee like rotary engine and Hershel orange paintwork his track monster mixes it with the big boys no problem at all.

In Australia as a kid Jason mentions the youth at the time had 3 options, cricket, footy or cars – he clearly chose cars and chose well! The son of a race car driver, Jason’s passion was ignited by hanging around his Dad at the track from a young age, although not really getting into cars seriously until his late teens.

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The Race to TROG

When I had a comment from Ian Bordeaux on a recent post I’d written The Race of Gentlemen asking for me to go and check out his video, I thought here we go another spammer wanting to show me how to improve ranking, how wrong was I…

Ian’s documentary The Race to TROG focuses on BMX’er Heath Pinter and his 8 month 1928 Ford Roadster build for the Race of Gentlemen. Check it out for yourselves and enjoy the ride Heath took to get to TROG.

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