Petrolicious’ Latest Video – This Porsche 912 is Fully Committed

John Benton is definitely a Porsche guy with an unmatched passion for the Porsche 912. Supporting the underdog and the often overlooked little brother of the 911 – Benton Performance, John’s shop tunes and restores 912’s into road ripping machines with unparalleled 912 performance.

His love for the Stuttgart marque is clear to see and in particular the dedication he has for his own Porsche 912 which is the star of the show – “That car isn’t just me, it’s all the people I’ve interacted with to get to this place,” says John Benton. “I bought this car at 23 years old, I didn’t have all the answers…My car is the result of all those little journeys, here and there…”

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The Porsche 912 – Perfectly Imperfect – Petrolicious

Antoine Gaslais searched the classifieds for years trying to find his perfect Porsche 912 – originally after the engine blowing up 25 miles into it’s first road trip outside of Paris, the longed for purchase felt like a mistake – not any more.

The Bahama yellow 912 is a time capsule of 1967 and is by no means a trailer queen…

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Dare to Be Different – Datsun 240z

This is an oldie but a goodie from the one and only Petrolicious. The Datsun 240z is a car currently getting some serious notoriety – seen as an affordable classic the iconic Japanese sports coupe is winning fans left right and centre around the world. Prices are on the rise but they’re still under appreciated.

Owner of this very badass 240z – Dave Sholz shares his connection with the Japanese classic, some say it is the Japanese answer to the 911, one thing that is true is that the 240z is fast becoming a cult classic. This is one to be turned up ear drum beating level and truly appreciated.

Oilers Car Club

So the Oilers Car Club are a cool bunch of car crazy hot rod guys and gals. The Race of Gentlemen celebrates all things classic hot rods and motorcycles, established by the Oilers the beach hooning event has quickly become a must see spectacle for any self respecting car guy. Oiler – Meldon Van Riper Stultz III speaks about how The Race of Gentlemen came about, the Oilers Car Club and generally gives an insight into his view on the world.

Steve Marino’s video edit captures the essence of what it means to be an Oiler and gets under the skin of the resurrected car club.

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Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting

When you get an invite to go to Goodwood, for me no matter what the event the iconic venue trumps anything already in the diary, especially when it’s The Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting and historic motor racing. I don’t know what it is about the place that makes it feel so special to me, maybe it’s the attention to detail and the preservation of the period look and feel that is everywhere around the place…anyway it’s my favourite motorsport venue in the UK by far.

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Renault 5 Turbo – Rally Hooligan

The Renault 5 Turbo conjours up so many memories for me growing up as a car obsessed kid, as mentioned in a previous post, it was my go to Scalextric brother beater. On a recent snowboarding trip to France – hazy eyed and sleep deprived after an early start, much to my amazement there was a Renault 5 Turbo Rally in the famous white, yellow and black ELF livery burbling away in a service station. It got me thinking – where did this car come from, it was important to me as child but I didn’t know much about it’s history.

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It’s a British thing

Growing up in Britain I’m ashamed I don’t have as much of an affinity to British cars as I should. The association of bearded men in anoraks, meeting for tea and digestives on a miserable day in the midlands somewhere wasn’t something a young guy growing up in England could relate to, and quite frankly the whole classic scene was lacking “the cool”. Drinking tea, having a beard and owning an anorak are considered cool now, right? So owning a classic or more aptly put “vintage” car couldn’t be any cooler?

Josh Clasen and Hypebeast have knocked out some seriously good automotive films that capture the passion and unwavering love us car guys have for our four wheeled money pots. Roger Gisseman is certainly one of those, his collection of past British classics make me want to immediately get on eBay and track down an MG B GT or classic Austin. Like most car guys, his following of British cars comes from is youth when MGs and Austin’s in the U.S were considered kids cars, the Subaru’s and Honda’s of today, to own an affordable unique car in the states meant you bought a British car.

When you look at the British motor industry and the cars of the bygone era it’s sad to see the demise of some of the most iconic marques, despite this though I think we’re going to see a resurgence of “hipster” owners, a young gentrification of classic British motors, and why not, they make an badass noise, they’re still affordable and are part of our heritage after all. Jump on the bandwagon before you miss it.

Anyway, find a quiet corner, stick your ear phones in, turn it up loud and enjoy.


District AutoClub helmet_black-01


Renault 5 Turbo – Turbo Fiver


Turbo Fiver

Spending hours relentlessly hammering my scaletrix track with a Renault 5 Turbo Maxi Rally was one of my favourite things to do as budding 7 year old car guy. The smell, noise and feel of the hand held throttle is still with me to do this day 20 years on…what I’m trying to say is certain cars provoke a memory and this Renault 5 for me does just that! I mean who doesn’t like a classic Renault 5 Turbo Rally car with it’s sumo wrestler wide bodied stance, throw back livery and over-sized rear wing.

renault 5 turbo

Researching this particular car only 3 were ever made in this spec which competed in the 1986 French Super Production (Championnat de France de Superproduction) series.


This “beefed” up version of the popular R5 Turbo would laugh in the face of super mini’s these day and probably give the Group B rally cars a run for their money helped by a 1.6 turbo charged engine squeezing out just under, get this…350bhp!! That makes this little R5 rocket capable of hitting 0-60 in 4.5 secs!! In the a car the size of a shoe.

Renault 5 turbo R5-Engine

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