Oilers Car Club

So the Oilers Car Club are a cool bunch of car crazy hot rod guys and gals. The Race of Gentlemen celebrates all things classic hot rods and motorcycles, established by the Oilers the beach hooning event has quickly become a must see spectacle for any self respecting car guy. Oiler – Meldon Van Riper Stultz III speaks about how The Race of Gentlemen came about, the Oilers Car Club and generally gives an insight into his view on the world.

Steve Marino’s video edit captures the essence of what it means to be an Oiler and gets under the skin of the resurrected car club.

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The Go Anywhere Porsche 356

Car ownership and being an enthusiast is about enjoying your machine however you see fit whether or not that is worshipping your show car trailer queen, building your dream ride in your garage or abusing your track munching race car. However, those opinions are not always shared throughout the car loving world, so when Petrolicious dropped their latest video edit the timers were set for the barrage of keyboard warriors to launch their opionions and wall of abuse.

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It’s purely about being cool – Toyota Celica TA27 GTV

“This car is not about racing, this car is not about power, performance…it’s purely about being cool”

Having personally seen this at Japfest this year I can vouch for how damn cool this car is. I was walking round with a strained neck for the rest of the day after having spent so much time starring at this thing in sheer amazement and thinking to myself “that’s actually a classic Celica GTV in the UK”. Although Japfest is a Japanese car show (the clue is in the name) I didn’t expect to see this at all, I expected modern JDM cars not classics, what a surprise it was to see it…I thought I was going to have a moment.

The car was built as a show car for Japanese Performance Parts in Crawley, England and is a rare sight on our shores. So rare in fact many of the people that stopped to look at it didn’t know what the hell it was. It was also amazing just to see how many people walked straight past this stunning example of a cult classic in favour of drooling over an R35 GT-R or an Evo, respect your elders UK, respect your elders.


From Bavaria with love – BMW CSi 3.0 <3

I remember growing up and my “G Dad” (as he was known) having a E30 325i Tourer, I was in love with this cars, the smell, the clunk the doors made when you shut them and the low hum noise followed by a top end rasp a straight six beemer made when he planted his foot on the loud pedal, it was simply captivating as a little guy just getting into cars.

Stanceworks BMW CSi 3.0 is as nostalgic as it gets for me, I get the same feeling looking at this thing as I do thinking about going for a drive in my Grandad’s old E30 back in the day. Okay the E30 is by no means an E9 CSi but that badge and those lines are reminiscent of BMWs from the 70’s as much as they are the early 90’s for me. BMW had it nailed with their styling from the 2002, right up until the E36, it got a little wayward after that in my personal opinion.

The modern take on the retro BBS splits Mike Burroughs from Stanceworks has added to the car really set it off, and that stance, well, it’s not a Stanceworks car for nothing. This car oozes class and the subtle mods definitely add to the styling, I think the boys and girls in Bavaria who put this together would have a lot of love for it.

If you’re into your classic BMW’s check the guys out over at Stanceworks, there is plenty more of what you see here!


District AutoClub helmet_black-01


Alfa Junior 1300 – The one that stayed

Erwin Arenston’s an Alfaphile, and there’s no denying the passion he has the for little peppermint blue Alfa Junior 1300. Growing up being surrounded by his Father’s love for Classic British cars it was almost a done deal that Erwin would follow suite, you can imagine what the reaction was when he brought home his first Alfa Junior 1300.

CineCar’s have put this great subtitled short film detailing Erwin’s ownership of the car and above all, love for Alfa Romeo’s. Erwins Alfa Junior 1300 GTA replica has been immaculately restored to look like the chart topping GTA Bertone, distinguished by the letter box style recess. The letterbox nickname for these cars was given for that very gap between the bonnet and and front end clip.