Petrolicious’ Latest Video – This Porsche 912 is Fully Committed

John Benton is definitely a Porsche guy with an unmatched passion for the Porsche 912. Supporting the underdog and the often overlooked little brother of the 911 – Benton Performance, John’s shop tunes and restores 912’s into road ripping machines with unparalleled 912 performance.

His love for the Stuttgart marque is clear to see and in particular the dedication he has for his own Porsche 912 which is the star of the show – “That car isn’t just me, it’s all the people I’ve interacted with to get to this place,” says John Benton. “I bought this car at 23 years old, I didn’t have all the answers…My car is the result of all those little journeys, here and there…”

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The Porsche 912 – Perfectly Imperfect – Petrolicious

Antoine Gaslais searched the classifieds for years trying to find his perfect Porsche 912 – originally after the engine blowing up 25 miles into it’s first road trip outside of Paris, the longed for purchase felt like a mistake – not any more.

The Bahama yellow 912 is a time capsule of 1967 and is by no means a trailer queen…

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Benton Performance – Porsche romance

Benton Performance – Porsche Romance

John Benton of Benton Performance is a true car guy and craftsman…restoring and refining classic Porsche’s with an unrivaled passion and pride. John keeps the very essence of the Porsche’s he builds in-tact with only those in the know really able to identify changes to the 912’s, 901’s or 356’s that roll out of the doors of Benton Performance. A subtle change in ride height, wider steel wheels and the dark art of tuning refine the already revered German Engineering and are the only tell tale signs that something isn’t quite standard.

Porsche 912 - Benton Performance

There will be no more classic Porsche’s made, fact, they are dying out but without guys like Benton Performance and John they would be following the dodo a hell of a lot faster. Born from the responsibility of preserving such beautiful machines, Benton’s builds are about making the cars better and not messing with the designs and exterior in order to keep his Porsche’s as period as possible.