Petrolicious’ Latest Video – This Porsche 912 is Fully Committed

John Benton is definitely a Porsche guy with an unmatched passion for the Porsche 912. Supporting the underdog and the often overlooked little brother of the 911 – Benton Performance, John’s shop tunes and restores 912’s into road ripping machines with unparalleled 912 performance.

His love for the Stuttgart marque is clear to see and in particular the dedication he has for his own Porsche 912 which is the star of the show – “That car isn’t just me, it’s all the people I’ve interacted with to get to this place,” says John Benton. “I bought this car at 23 years old, I didn’t have all the answers…My car is the result of all those little journeys, here and there…”

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The Porsche 912 – Perfectly Imperfect – Petrolicious

Antoine Gaslais searched the classifieds for years trying to find his perfect Porsche 912 – originally after the engine blowing up 25 miles into it’s first road trip outside of Paris, the longed for purchase felt like a mistake – not any more.

The Bahama yellow 912 is a time capsule of 1967 and is by no means a trailer queen…

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Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has become a staple moring ritual for me – it tastes like liquid gold, however I buy into the brand as much as I do the taste. Jim Cregan, the man behind Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is hugely creative and inspirational. After upping sticks and travelling around Oz in a converted truck, Jimmy got hooked on Iced Coffee, once he returned to the UK his addiction wasn’t satisfied by what was on offer in the UK so he set about unleashing his own iced coffee onto the unsuspecting UK coffee drinker.

Not only is Jim a entrepreneur but he is a car guy as well and owns a truly badass 73 Ford F100 pickup and also a Mercedes Wagon. Watch his story of how he found his american truck and go support the brand and a brand not settling for the norm. #KYCU
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Renault 5 Turbo – Rally Hooligan

The Renault 5 Turbo conjours up so many memories for me growing up as a car obsessed kid, as mentioned in a previous post, it was my go to Scalextric brother beater. On a recent snowboarding trip to France – hazy eyed and sleep deprived after an early start, much to my amazement there was a Renault 5 Turbo Rally in the famous white, yellow and black ELF livery burbling away in a service station. It got me thinking – where did this car come from, it was important to me as child but I didn’t know much about it’s history.

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Porsche 911 RSR – One Car To Do It All

Porsche 911 RSR – One Car To Do It All

One Car to Do it All is a film from the automotive story tellers Petrolicious about a car that most of us car guys strive for… something that does everything…drive it to the track, set it up, bang around for a few hours and trundle on home with no issues at all. Jack Olsen’s 1972 Porsche 911 RSR transformer is just that car.

Porsche 911 - Jack Olsen

Jack Olsen Garage = Porsche 911 RSR

Jack  also has one badass garage all built to a budget of $3500, including the lift!! Initiate immediate car and garage envy NOW. Jacks garage houses his Porsche 911 RSR and is purpose built around working on the car including specific work areas for different jobs. Jack has literally planned and resourced for any scenario.


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BMW 2002 – It’s a family thing

BMW 2002 – It’s a Family Thing

On a recent trip to Cornwall in the UK’s South West, wandering round a 6 stall charity car boot sale in the picturesque seaside town of Boscastle I scored the find of all finds…”BMW The book of the Car”, published in the early 80’s the book documents the history of BMW from the 1920’s until 1984, how rad. There’s no hiding from the fact that I am a vintage/retro BMW nut so you can imagine my excitement when I spied the book from a mile off and made a beeline right for it, £2.50 later I was the proud owner of a book I’m yet to put down.

I’ve touched on it before but my crazy nutness for BMWs come from my childhood growing up around the white and blue propeller, both my Dad and Grandad have always owned them and now I do. I find a lot of our influences come from the people around us and more often those close to us have the biggest influences over what we come to love. Cars and the affection for a particular marque is one of them.

Patrick Burns love for the BMW 2002 has been passed down from his Dad, Wendell. In a recent Cars I see film, the love, passion and infectious dedication to what was considered a game changer for BMW is brilliantly captured. You’ll be left with the sound of a throaty BMW 2002 exhaust note ringing in your ears and the want to go on eBay and snap up your very own 02.

BMW-2002-parked - Stanceworks

Images courtesy of Stanceworks


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